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Supernatural Season 11: Episode 1 Review


Previously on Supernatural:

Crowley’s mommy issues ran amuck; Castiel realized that he’d crapped the bed as far as Heaven was concerned; Charlie got fridged; Sam got what he always said he wanted and it went about as well you’d think and Dean came closer to fulfilling what I’ve always suspected would be his final role.



We begin with Dean surrounded by The Darkness when a beautiful young woman appears in the midst of it. He asks her what the hell is happening.

She doesn’t answer.

The show goes full Rashomon as everyone’s memories of what happened in the last 24 hours are jacked: Castiel remembers killing Crowley then realizes he didn’t; Dean has no idea what happened between him and TD and Sam’s just confused.

Over the course of the episode they theorize that TD’s smoke is turning everyone 28 Days Later and the only reason they weren’t affected is because Sam was in the car and TD snatched Dean. Dean’s like, ‘Sure. Why the hell not.’ because at this point, after killing Death* nothing is too far out the realm of possibility. Castiel let’s them know that he’s off the reservation and on the way to crazy town and that Rowena escaped with the Book of the Damned and the codex. Crowley, who’d hopped out of his body right before Cas murdered him, finds a cute Lucy Lawless lookalike to jump into but when he tries to use his powers he can’t, which is problematic for several reasons, and he sets off to recitfy the situation. 

As for the boys: Sam lures the infected off and gets a whole ton of blood in the face. The face that’s covered in open wounds. He checks in with Dean but doesn’t tell him that he got a face full of the virus because he is a CampbellWinchester and those fools love their secrets. And Dean’s memory is coming back more and more: he remembers that TD told him she’d never hurt him, will always find him and will always protect him. And he will do the same for her because they’re tied to each other.

For eternity.

Overall I have to say, I was bored of the Castiel bits: I’m over Heaven and the Angels and their chronic backstabbing and torture; Crowley is always fun and Sam realizing that all of them need to stop falling back into old patterns was refreshing, even if he immediately fell back into protecting Dean from a horrible realization; and of course Dean and The Darkness were amazing. I love that we honestly don’t know if she’s a bad guy or not. She could be like Galactus for all we know: she just is. And that kind of ambiguity is nice. Plus, Jensen Ackles and Emily Swallow have amazing chemistry together. I look forward to how this plays out. 

I give the premier 4 out of 5 Metallicars.

*Author’s Note: I’ll lay odds that Dean didn’t kill Death. Or if he did he is Death now and Death knew that this would happen and had been grooming Dean since they met to take over for him. We shall see.

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