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What to do with those pesky comic convention programs


Don’t you hate it when you go to a con and people push those programs on you?   Don’t you hate it when you realize that sometimes you may need them because that’s the only way you will find the panels you want to attend? Worse yet, it’s cumbersome to carry and annoying when you look thru it and realize that many things have changed since the time it printed. The panel in room 301A is now at 607B. The table for your favorite artist has now moved clear across the con floor. You get so frustrated that you are ready to throw that program in the trash!!! You don’t care how much that con has spent to print out 50 to 90,000 of them, nor how many trees died in the process, you are ready to set fire to it.

Not a good idea.

Many of us don’t know how much of a unique souvenir we are getting at a show. Look at it like this. If you like getting comics signed, you have had many times when you get to a con and realize that the very comic you want signed, you forgot to bring. Also, that person you want to sign doesn’t come around that often. Also, for a lot of us, our budgets are tight and may not be able to buy another comic on the floor to get that special in. While not the ‘perfect’ solution, this is why you want to have a program.

In the last few years I have gone to shows, I found them to be perfect souvenirs to have afterwards.   Now, it’s become a 2nd habit in seeing how many con-guests I can get to fill a page. Nowadays, I do my best to get my comics signed as well as my programs. It’s nice to be able to look back and see who came and whose ink you have.

Until that time, let me show you some of my past programs:

Baltimore Comic Con 2013 – Mike Mignola, George Perez, Frank Quitely, Ivy Doomkitty and others

AwesomeCon 2014 – One of my faves because Ernie Hudson signed it

New York Comic Con 2013 – Dan Slott, Chris Claremont, Humberto Ramos, John Layman, Rob Guillory and more are here

These are just 3 examples of what you can do.  And think some of these with the signatures, can be graded by CGC and if you are lucky, you may make a little bit from something you got for free.   Put these programs to good use and you may have your own souvenir.

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