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Review Brew: Book of Death #3

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Robert Gill with Doug Braithwaite

Colors: David Baron and Brian Reber

The Dark is revealed

With Unity defeated and the reveal of Master Darque, what lies ahead for Eternal Warrior and Tama.

This issue turned out to be amazing. After Master Darque makes his appearance, we learn about his machinations and his link to David. We only saw glimpses of what happened to David at the beginning of Book of Death #1, but now we know what David is and who he should be. Unity is taking a back seat as to figure out what their next move is. This issue highlights some great storytelling and how far Master Darque would go to obtain the power of the geomancer. When Tama reads the Book of the Geomancers, a possible future is shown and it’s gruesome. Darque is a necromancer and it’s on full display in this issue. The interaction between Darque and David is interesting, as David is just a means to an end and treated poorly by Darque.  The interaction between Eternal Warrior and Tama and why her being in the present time is addressed but come up with a way to track David. Something that bugs me, is how Master Darque escaped the Deadside after the end of Shadowman. It’s been awhile since I read Shadowman, but I hope that will be addressed in the next issue.

Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite have done a great job, and keep pace with Venditti’s writing. The characters look distinguishable and Master Darque looks fiendishly evil. The way he just comes out of nowhere and strikes fear is scary. The glimpses of the future look terrifying. The action in this issue is top notch with Eternal Warrior taking on Darque’s corpse animals. The fight is fast, intense, and bloody. David Baron and Brian Reber are on colors and they have done a fantastic job. The colors helped add more depth to the scenery of the story and help the tone of the book.

Book of Death #3 was an enjoyable read and the climax is going to be an interesting ordeal. The writing is concise and covers the missing pieces of the earlier issues. The art and colors create some beautiful imagery and keep the story moving along. How Master Darque makes his appearance is questionable, but I hope it’s addressed in the finale or some explanation to how he just appears out of nowhere.  

5 Master Darques out 5

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