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TV Review: Life in Pieces

Despite the criticism that Life in Pieces is too similar to Modern Family or puns about ‘the pieces of this show is scattered’, I rather enjoyed this show. Despite the idea that the stories told are stories we have heard so many times, regardless of how many times you tell it, if it’s a good story, people will pay attention.

The idea of Life in Pieces is that it revolves around the Short Family and various events in the family’s life. It doesn’t come off as an exactly straight forward path but there is some progression to the stories. It’s presented in bite sized chunks as the stories are told in 7 minute increments. The first story revolves around Matt Short (Thomas Zadowski) as he finishes up a date with Colleen (Angelique Cabral) and awkward surprises awaits as they try to consummate their relationship. The 2nd story involves Greg (Colin Hanks), and his wife (Zoe Lister-Jones), a new baby and being told not to look in a box. The 3rd story revolves around Heather (“Breaking Bad’s” Betsy Brandt) and husband Tim (Dan Bakkedahl), coping with their son going off to college and thoughts of having another baby. Just when things couldn’t get more crazy, the 4th story winds up with the family coming together with the patriarch John (James Brolin) celebrating his 70th birthday by having a funeral, which his wife Joan (Dianne Wiest) belatedly decides that this wasn’t the best idea. I thought that the cast was solid and even Jordan Peele playing the role of the jilted fiancé fit right into place.

In many ways I felt that what differs this show from Modern Family is the fact that it’s not told in that mockumentary style that is the trademark of Modern Family. I liked the idea that the stories are self-contained and include universal themes that many of us can relate to. I felt that this is actually how life when it comes to being around family is; we go about our lives at the same time separately and eventually come together as a family to bond and share experiences. This is probably what I don’t like about Modern Family is that in the shows I watched, everyone’s lives intersected a bit too much.   While we all love our families, we don’t need them in our intimate spaces. Life in Pieces gives us a look at what families do: we embarrass each other, we are here for each other despite our distance, we communicate and eventually we all come together.

I thought the show was funny and some of the jokes were a bit more mature for a family show but again, when you consider your own family, they will surprise you. It’s a grounded show and unique in its delivery and with every little piece we may see it come together.

4.5 Predators* out of 5

*Watch the 2nd story and you will get it.

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