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TV Review: Blindspot

Fall arrives this week and, with it, comes the return of our favorite television programs, along with some intriguing new ones.

NBC’s Blindspot is one of the new shows that I have been looking forward to. The premise centers on a woman (Jaime Alexander) who is found inside a duffel bag in Times Square, completely devoid of her memories and her clothes but covered with tattoos. The FBI gets involved when the tattoos are discovered to be a sort of map to unraveling the mystery surrounding a clandestine criminal plot that could have national security implications.

The pilot episode is engaging if not uneven in the beginning, but once you hit the midway mark the show takes off with a terrific fight sequence and a potential terrorist attack. In an unrealistic yet entertaining turn, Jane becomes an immediate asset to the FBI team with her hand-to-hand combat skills, her ability to fluently speak and understand Chinese, and her marksmanship with a weapon under extreme conditions.

Alexander, who is probably best known as Lady Sif in the Thor motion pictures, is excellent in her portrayal of Jane Doe, bringing a full range of emotion to the role as the troubled young amnesiac who may or may not be a trained special forces operative. Her eyes are exquisite with every inflection of fear, wonder, and realization. Sullivan Stapleton is solid as FBI agent Kurt Weller, whose name is inexplicably one of the many works of art on Doe’s body. He brings a steady calm to the character as the leader to his team of agents, Tasha Oslo (Audrey Esparza) and Ramirez (Rob Brown).

A solid start to a very promising series. The outline would seem to fit into the same genre as the hit NBC program The Blacklist. Both are shrouded in secrecy with a ‘take down the criminal of the week’ outline while still expounding on the greater overall lore.  As long as the show can avoid the fatigue common in periodicals, Blindspot appears ready to deliver ratings gold to NBC.

4 tattoos out of 5

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