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Review Brew: Secret Identities #7

Story: Brian Jones

Story Edits: Jay Faerber

Art: Ilias Kyriazis

Colors: Ron Riley

Secret Identities had been one of my favorite series this year and sadly this is the final issue of the superhero title. Secret Identities follows the superhero team “Front Line” as we learn about their personal lives, their secrets, and one man’s goal to stop them from within. Also, there’s a giant monster attacking the city in this final issue.

Brian Jones and Jay Faerber have done an amazing job on this title which packs a lot of content into this last issue. The writing has a steady pace and presents a lot of tension in this issue. I enjoyed the diverse cast of characters in “Front Line”. Each character brings something to the table in their own way. The story ties up a lot of loose ends that were featured in the earlier issues and it works. We learn about why Luminary was given her powers, who Crosswind is, and the man behind Crosswinds involvement to get on the team. There’s a lot more reveals, but one of them that I really appreciated was from the character Recluse. His reveal is short, but the reason why he kills criminals or stashes them away, to eat them later makes sense after the reveal. The ending could have had more punch but with the way everything was handled it fit perfectly.

Ilias Kyriazis captures the scale of what’s happening in this issue. From the small fights to the large-scale brawls. The art is easy to follow and there are some interesting panel layouts that look cool. The action scenes looked incredible, the fights were intense, and characters looked great. Ron Riley really made this final issue looks excellent with his colors. The variety of colors present is beautiful and Riley manages to make scenes shine.

Overall this was a satisfying conclusion with great writing, art, and colors. The story connects the dots on certain characters pasts and ends on a good note. I didn’t like how the conclusion was short but for three issues to be condensed into one big finale issue, it succeeds.

4 Man Eating Spiders out of 5

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