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Review Brew: D4ve2 #1

Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Valentin Ramon

PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewJust a bit of disclosure, this was the first time I heard about this book. It was recommended on the idea that if I liked Saga, then I would like this as well. Apparently there was a D4VE series as well and truthfully, if the start of that run was anything like this one, I would have dropped that book like a bad habit.

So, apparently D4VE is a book about a robot who saves the 3arth (which by the way are full of robots) from the evil K’laar Empire. Also he is a robot going from a military life back into regular life when he is thrust back into the spotlight again.   With his heroics and some reprogramming of the general populace, he is promoted to general.

This book opens up with D4ve giving readers a snippet of how life has changed with his saving of the world and then we find out about his home life and relationship with his son…we meet some cadets…a black hole appears…and then there is a bomb…some more stuff happens with Scotty (D4VE’s son) and, then some humans pop up.

If you hated the way the last passage was written, it pretty much sums up how I felt about the writing of the book by Ryan Ferrier. The writing of this book is almost what would happen if a chat room full of teens collaborated on this book and tossed some emojis in for good measure. The plot if there was one, is all over the place and very unfocused. In many ways, I would say that this book is aimed to adolescents in how it’s written but then there is the terrifying over use of expletives on every page of the book. It would be safe to say that if there was a bleep button to be used, you would never hear what’s said because every word would probably have to be bleeped out. This is a very immature book for a very immature crowd and somewhere out there, somebody likes this book, it’s just not me. If this was supposed to be satire, then with the coarse language it flew 10 miles over me because there was no redeeming quality in the writing of this book.

Valentin Ramon’s art is probably what helped me survive to the end. His line work was pretty strong, the color pallets were bright and even some of the details in his character were good. Even with all the crassness of this book, he manages to find a way to covey emotion from these otherwise lifeless looking automatons.

If there ever was a time I would say spend your 4 bucks elsewhere, this would be a GREAT time to do so. It’s unimaginative, have a very scattered plot and juvenile to the point of ridiculousness.

1 Butthorn out of 5

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