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Review Brew: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #5


Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Adam Kubert

Dan Slott has had a remarkable run writing Spider-Man since taking over as the solo writer 5 years ago now. Much of that run has centered upon taking Peter places he’s never been before: living up to his potential as a scientist, a consummate superhero, and even a corporate mogul. But that all came at the expense of jettisoning the Peter/Mary Jane marriage. Thanks to the magic of Secret Wars however, we’ve gotten that marriage back if only for the last 4 issues. While Slott has written what on the surface is an entirely different version of Peter Parker, the heart of the matter is there’s very little difference between the version of Peter we miss, and the one we wanted all along, and for that matter makes a case for bringing down the very construction of this run.

While the series is a Secret Wars tie-in, that isn’t the primary focus, the Regent is ultimately there to set the stage and move the plot forward, where the story counts Slott has shown that he understands Spider-Man. And more importantly makes the case for why Mary Jane and in this instance Annie are essential components of Peter’s life. While the chances of seeing this version of the Parker family is up in there at the moment, there’s no reason we couldn’t revisit them, Slott and Adam Kubert went a long way of making Annie and her parents very endearing to readers.

Speaking of Adam Kubert, while the art is not quite up to the par of previous issues, still does a great job with the issue action-packed as it is. The style even with Scott Hanna packed in is still recognizably his. While Amazing Spider-Man proper has seen a number of artists including Giuseppe Camuncoli and Oliver Copiel do stints long and short on the title, Kubert would certainly be a welcome addition to future arcs on the title, especially if Annie returns for a second shot as “Amp.” With a story like this, fans shouldn’t worry about the present or the future for Spider-Man, someone who gets the character has the reigns, and has had them for awhile now.

3.5 out of 5 Amps


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