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Review Brew: Head Lopper #1

Writer/Artist: Andrew MacLean

Colors (Part 1 &2): Mike Spicer


The amazing self-published Head Lopper has come to Image Comics! The talented Andrew MacLean who also authored ApocalyptiGirl brings the character of Viking warrior Norgal to life on the pages in both prose and art.

Norgal has traveled to a Scottish Isle of Barra to dispose of the dreaded beasts that have laid siege to the inhabitants. Armed with his trusty blade and the head of Agatha the Blue Witch, Head Lopper destroys the monsters with ease. But little does our hero know that he has become caught up in a far more dangerous game of intrigue and back room deals where one can not tell if they are dealing with friend or foe. Commissioned by Queen Abigail to remove the head of the shadowy Sorcerer of the Black Bog who she believes is the source of Barra’s woes. Will Norgal fulfill his quest or will he fall victim to the Blue Witch, the Sorcerer are the many dangerous creatures blocking his path?

MacLean is both innovative and respectful of the past with his excellent kick-starter from 2013. Head Lopper brings the best of old Nordic legends, Game of Thrones style politics and blends it with an action film. The tongue in cheek humor from Agatha is ruckus and the art work sublime. The reader wins with this first double sized edition, the only downside being that this is a quarterly release I am thrilled that this title will gain a broader audience through Image Comics so that Andrew MacLean can garner the attention he deserves.


5 Wolves of 5

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