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Movie Review: Hitman Agent 47

The beloved video game comes back with a second movie with a whole new cast and a rather unique storyline.  The movie reminds me of Blade Runner focusing around the philosophical question of what makes a human, human, but it lacked in mesmerizing action scenes and even romance.  Yes, I understand that Agent 47 can not identify the feelings of love and attraction, but even in the last Hitman movie there was a bit of steaminess.  I’m not sure if Fox wanted to take a risk by taking away the basics of what makes an action movie, but I left the theatres unsatisfied.

Now I must warn you there are tons of spoilers in this review (if you don’t want them stop reading now).  Mainly to crack down on what many of the gaming fans may or may not have a problem with.  The movie itself is rather predictable and what does shock you, isn’t good.  Worst of all the plot twist at the very end that seemed to be something that was supposed to be completely unexpected, could have been easily figured out by an audience who watched the first Hitman movie. There were a few things that I would call mistakes that the movie did that made me disappointed.

First of all Diana is a sweet mystery, I would have loved to have never seen Diana’s face in this movie.  Especially since I pictured a beautiful British woman but was very disappointed to find out Diana was used as the token minority of the movie.  I really would appreciated it if Hollywood could do a whole lot better adding minorities into movies. I’m sure they showed Diana’s face in order to possibly answer the audience’s question of who she is.  Yet, in my opinion it would have been better off leaving Diana a mystery.

Next, the storyline is unique when you realize that genetically the main female actress, Katia Van Dees, is Agent 47’s sister.  This somewhat confused me since there were a small spark of sexual tension between them on screen, yet it also explains why the two actors kept a distance. I would have preferred that they were not genetically tied, but it is clear from the last movie that Agent 47 does have a love interest and I can’t expect much from someone who isn’t James Bond.  Yet, once we find out that they are related we realize that our hopes of a small romance doesn’t exist.  A key ingredient to an action movie seems to be missing, leaving the hero’s journey a bit…lonely.

Lastly, the mediocre action scenes I believe put the guy two seats down from me asleep.  His eyes were closed and feet were propped up as I watched a non-spectacular, non-scientifically impossible fight scenes.  There was nothing in this movie that actually made me go “whoa that was freakin’ awesome!”  I expected brilliant and strategic shooting skills from Agent 47, that wasn’t stolen from Wanted, 007, or the Fast and Furious series.  Every scene seemed to have been pulled from popular movies and sewing together by a four year old.

Agent 47 is a psychopathic killer with a unique set of skills based on his genetic molecules.  The movie had high hopes but unfortunately with a predictable actor as the villain, Zachary Quinto, we all knew that the good guy was bad and the bad guy was good (you’ll get it when you see it).  The wow factor gives this movie a 1.5 out of 5.  The .5 was added in due to the allusions they made to the game such as the scene of his bloody cuff when he steps off the elevator.  I recommend you to wait till this movie is on Netflix for a Monday night after work adventure.

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