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First Impressions: Gears of War Enhanced Edition

It was like coming home again. Many gamers slam the fact that in this generation we have seen more game remasters than we have true sequels or new IPs. Some are very welcome, Tomb Raider and GTAV were great for what they were. The Last of Us was an excellent remaster but in my opinion, felt unnecessary. And then the idea of taking a nearly 10 year old game and slapping a new coat of paint made me cringe as I really didn’t know what to expect from this Gears game.

I was very surprised after booting it up and getting in that Coalition did a great job at up-rezing this game. When I think back to what I was playing it on in 2006, (a 35in SDTV, and 3.0 surround sound) it’s almost a brand new game being up scaled to 1080p and full surround, especially now that I am playing this on a 60in HDTV and full 7.0 Surround.   The graphics are very well detailed; especially the guns, the COGs’ armor as well as the Locust’s monsters that you fight. Even minute details such as Dom’s “Maria” tattoo stood out. Best of all, the game runs about 60fps and feels much more silky smooth than it did way back when.  I feel as though now, the entire game looks as good as the cut-scenes that we watched all those years ago.

As far as how it handles, muscle memory is an amazing thing. Within 20 minutes, I remembered how to do my reloads, switch weapons and more but at the same time, as always, I still had issues with my chainsaw bayonet. If you have been a fan of the series, this game is easy to pick and play all over again.

Are there any issues?   Just a few in that the AI at times, still sucks.  I think I spent more time reviving my AI team mates than I did in the original game.  Also they died very cheap deaths as well by sometimes just not taking cover.  While the cover shooting is still a great mechanic that has been innovated and copied by so many games after Gears, I still feel at times like it works well when it’s supposed to but other times you still may get stuck in places that you don’t want to be in.

Outside of that, I really didn’t get into multiplayer as the servers were still a bit sparse as people are probably getting into it but I will give it a whirl later this weekend as people have time to play.

Although I have yet to fully complete the game, I thought that this was one of the better remasters to come around in a while. It’s still an engrossing story of humanity making a last stand against a ferocious enemy and although you may hit a few bumps here and there it’s still worth revisiting one more time.

3 Curb stomps out of 5

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