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Comics Heresy – 8/12/15

Each week, this crew will be putting together a list of books that few of the residents of Comic Book Lovers are picking up and/or may be thinking are books that are getting hot and deserve a look at. Please remember that while Comic Book Speculation can profitable, it’s all opinion and meant for fun. We have no abilities to know how exactly the market will react and this is something we like to have fun with. Please let us know if you enjoy this segment and we will keep it going as long as possible. Big shout out to the gang in the Comic Book Lovers group for this segment. With that said, here are this week’s picks.
Admin Jeremy Courtney

Batman #43 (Mr. Bloom Introduced)


Beauty #1

Speculator Tip: Well, as we all know Hearsay was on an unscheduled break last week. It is my fault as I have been burning the candle at both ends as the say. Between Con Season, Hearsay, The Angry Geeks Show, and Comic Book Lovers BST as well as my family I have begun to run out of steam. I apologize for stretching myself so thin. To make up for it, I hope to give a huge Spec book to you this week that you can buy low, and sell high. My Back issue this week, a reminder this is speculation, Superboy #0, 1st appearance of King Shark. With the rumor mill producing some great fodder this book is going to go from .50 coxes and hit right around $20 by the time for the movie comes around. The issue is already getting some heat on Ebay and auctions are already hitting $5 or more in some cases. Cash in and get out now.
Hearsay Regular Roger Alan Humphrey

The Shrinking Man #2 of 4


Justice League: Gods and Monsters #1

Back Issue Pictacular: Marvel Team-Up #11!!!! It’s the first time the Inhumans meet up with Spider-Man and who knows what could happen with this book in the future…Inhumans movie is coming…Spidey is apart of MCU now as well… If they meet up in a future movie, this could be big bucks. On Ebay right now raw in VF-NM condition you’re probably looking at anywhere from $10-$15 give or take a few bucks. If news hits that Spidey will be around for the Inhumans movie, watch out.

PCU Publisher Harry Crosland

Secret Wars #5

Velvet #11


Ol’ school gaming tip: Have you noticed that with all of the movies coming out from Marvel and DC, that there are no games being pushed as well? Sure, there may be a few on tablets and of course there is still Injustice. However if gamers still want a comprehensive and fun gaming experience with different characters, my pick is  Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance. You can still get it pre-owned for the PS3 or Xbox 360. Hopefully if you had it before you remembered to retain your game saves as due to some crazy character rights litigation, you won’t get the DLCs especially for MUA II: Civil War. However, no matter how you cut it, it’s still the only way you will get to play as the majority of Marvel’s premier teams in one format.

 Hearsay Regular Jason “Like my couch” Gonzale

Starfire #3

Back Issue Tip:  Batman Adventures 12!!! The “After the movie GOTG “Crash” “is Non-Sense.  For one,  Harley had a HUGE fan base before the movie announcement in all aspects (Cosplay, New issues, Back Issues, Video Games, Statues, T-shirts, etc)  two, there is just WAY TOO MUCH SALES DATA already and there is a full year before the movie for more sales data to pile up…..Hundreds of People aren’t going to buy books for $600 NM, BA 12s and desperately sell them for $300 after the movie drops…that’s the thing with not saturated but not scarce books like HULK 181 and BA 12. The sales data just piles up and one desperate low sale doesn’t mess anything up. Something like a First Groot crashed after the movie because there where only a few record breaking sales before hand because it was so scarce……..Buying slabbed is the way to go with this issue. Let someone else buy a raw nm for $600ish and pay slab and press fees…….I wouldn’t buy a 9.8 until a few more dozen sales data piles up in the $1750-$1900 price range.  They currently go for at $1400ish there’s plenty of 9.8 data to buy but good luck finding one at that price………90 day GPA on any grade 8.0 and above I’d say is a Great Investment.

Check out what’s selling out and all of Terry Hoknes’ other great comic articles over @


As always, please remember speculation is mainly for fun, hopefully though we all make a little money as well.

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