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The New Release Wednesday Show for August 5th 2015!

Ms. Marvel #17, Bloodshot Reborn #5 AND MORE ON New Release Wednesday 8/5/15!

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In this week’s episode, Host, Patrick Michael Strange, brings you special guests: Guitarist with A Sound of Thunder, Josh Schwartz and voted America’s Greatest Otaku, Christopher Wanamaker! In our ‘In Case You Missed It” segment, Carla Speed McNeil talks about her Image Comics’ project, No Mercy!

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About Patrick Strange (12 Articles)
Patrick Michael Strange AKA Kuya P is the Host & Executive Producer of ShoPowSho and The New Release Wednesday Show; produced in conjunction with the society and culture website, The Nerds of Color. Patrick is also the founder of the charity cosplay organization, CosLove, which promotes self-expression and creativity as well as support to communities via family events and regular visits to schools and hospitals nationwide. In other pursuits, Patrick is an actor and member of the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (SAG-AFTRA), he is the creator of the convention panel, "Totally Awesome Asians" spotlighting Asian and Pacific Islanders heroes and creators contributions within pop culture and is a regular convention guest hosting panels and cosplay contests. Patrick also helped found and organize, Wicomicon, a pop culture event highlighting nerds of color that received national media attention by press outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter, SyFy, TheMarySue, Paste Magazine, Publisher's Weekly, Vulture and others.
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