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It’s Always Raw the Day After…8/4/2015

Hello PCU Maniacs!!!

It’s time for another edition of Five Points. This will be on the August 3, 2015 of Raw.

Ben has once again enlisted the help of his PCU crew member and 1/3 of the MBM Wrestling team Mansa Herndon to submit his Five Points from this week’s Raw.

Now before we start these Five Points, I have something to say that’s been on my mind. Friday the world found out that the great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper died of a heartattack at the age of 61. Now since the news came out the only thing playing over in my head was a simple hashtag, and that is #DammitRoddy. Now this isn’t a real hashtag, but the summation of all my feelings of frustration in knowing your gone. It’s just too soon, I haven’t finish coping with the loss of “The American Dream” (Dusty Rhodes) #DammitRoddy… But you never did the expected. I mean I watched you singlehandedly create Hulkamania, beat the baddest of the bad Mr. T, and even out trash talk Morton Downy Jr. The most amazing thing was I watching you survive Cancer. So of course you were suppose to put Death in a sleeper hold and continue to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble Gum #DammitRoddy. Yet with Piper you should always expect the unexpected. You were known as one of the greatest of Villians, but you were and continue to be my Greatest Hero #DammitRoddy you are missed. Love you Rowdy One, R.I.P!


Sorry PCU Maniacs I had to get that off my chest. Now let’s get on with the actual show:


1) The Rowdy One remembered: The last time I did a Five Points we lost Dusty Rhodes. Now I’m back and we lost Piper. The WWE once again showed its’ unity by emptying it’s backstage to come to the stage in solidarity as the Ring Bell chimed ten times. This was followed by a fantastic video tribute, I never expected to cry at the beginning of a Raw. It was fitting and tasteful, they even use his famous scene from the movie “They Live”. Well done WWE!


2) Seth welcome to the Altitude Era: One week after losing the US Title Open Championship Match. Seth came out to the ring all smiles because he did something he believe –and some fans too- better, breaking John Cena’s nose. So Seth with all the momentum has challenged John to a winner take all Title vs Title match at Summerslam. Riding that high, Seth did his first World Championship Open Challenge for under 6’, under 200lbs weight class, to which Neville accepted, now I have to thank Seth Rollins because what followed was probably Neville’s best match since being called up. Seth and Neville tore up the ring with an edge of your seat ending, Nice! But of course Seth retains and the smug look of victory on his face makes me love him as a heel.


3) Now introducing “The Submission Sorority”: As the Diva’s “revolution” continues to move forward it seems each faction has decided to name themselves. Starting with Naomi, Tamina and Sasha coming out as “B.A.D.”- Beautiful and Deadly (lame). Now Paige’s faction has donned the name of “The Submission Sorority”. It seems at least for now the Bella’s just can’t be bothered. Paige’s team once again has shown their dominance in this Diva’s Revolutionary War by winning two matches featuring the other teams pitted against The Sorority. Now I thought it was suppose to be the Champion’s team that should look strong not the team filled with mostly upstarts. Maybe it’s just Ben and I and uh…logic.


4) Paul Heyman aka Mic God: It’s official, I’m totally convinced that Paul Heyman can sell me my own house with me still living in it for 4 times its value because he is just that good. All Brock had to do was stand on the steel ring steps he brought to the ring. Paul then laid out a narrative of the impending destruction coming to the Undertaker at SummerSlam that was both so passionate and convincing that now I am interested in seeing that match. One thing of note, in one of MBM Wrestling’s podcast Ben mentioned how it doesn’t make sense for the Undertaker to seek revenge on Brock for his loss at Wrestlemania 30 when Taker and Lesnar both had matches at 31 but not against each other. Paul with one line in his speech both explained it and hyped everyone for SummerSlam. Paul, I have some swamp land I need to get rid of can you help me out?


5) The Rowdy Brotherhood: I love Dean and Roman together, so I can’t get enough of their backstage segments together. This one was a special treat because it was peppered with Piper references though out the whole segment. With Dean rocking the Hot Rod shirt I half expected the end of the match having Dean putting Luke Harper in a Sleeper Hold for the win still a great match and great way to end the show.

So those are my Five Points maniacs!!! The entire locker room seemed to put on the best show they could for Piper. The Miz even broke character to pay tribute, it was pretty dare I say Awesome. So overall a great show!

Stars of the night:

1 Seth Rollins

2 Charlotte

3 Paige

But let’s be honest, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was the true star.

That’s it for me guys. You can find me here on the PCU podcast, Ben and I just recorded live with guest from Wizard World Richmond so check that out. As always I am a member of the MBM Wrestling podcast team with Ben Taylor and Mike Lindenbaum, find us on Twitter @mbm_wrestling. As well as my new Podcast “2 Fat Guys and a Podcast” with my friend Matt Carroll you can reach us at Till next time maniacs!


Ben’s Extras:

Sorry for another week with me not writing my wn thoughts again, but honestly I missed half of raw last night and still haven’t really had a chance to watch the rest of it. Here are some thoughts.


  • Mansa says Nikki’s team can’t be bothered to get a name: they have a name, Team Bella. They were using it even before the “Revolution”
  • I’m sure the “Submission Sorority” sounded good the first time they said it, but the more it got said the dumber it sounded, shorten it to The Soroity it’s easier for the commentators to say, and kinda pokes at the Authority all at once.
  • So when are Emma, Nattie and Blue pants coming in as the 4th faction (Mike wants it to be Eva Marie, Eva Marie and Eva Marie. Sorry bit of an in joke there, Mike thinks slotting Bayley instead of Blue Pants would be his call. All three of us agree it should not be Dana Brooke.)
  • You wanna know how good Paul Heyman is? He used the line “This match was too big for Wrestlemania” and I bought it.
  • When Dean walked down for the final match in the leather jacket, jeans and the hot rod shirt.. it was spooky. For a long time I have been saying he is the modern incarnation of piper.. it was freaking spooky.
  • MizTV was awesome. From the Miz’s breaking of character from the beginning to him looking like a kid in a Candy store when Owens and Cesaro were going to fight, to the moment were both Owens and Cesaro told him to shut up at the same time. It was great.

There you have my comments.

My 3 stars of the show:


1) Paul Heyman

2) the PTP on commentary

3) The Miz

Take those for what you will.

And until next time:


Rest in Peace, Roddy.


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