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Review Brew: Ninjak #5

Writer: Matt Kindt

Pencils: Clay Mann

Inks: Seth Mann

Colorist: Ulises Arreola

Ninjak #4 was exquisitely drawn and expertly told. We learned the origin story of Kannon’s lethal assassin Roku whose weapon of choice is her razor sharp braids of hair. She exposed Henry Collins (secretly Colin King), Kannon’s business partner, as the mysterious and deadly Ninjak.

Limited Spoilers Ahead!

The fifth issue picks up with a good old fashion standoff between our hero and his foes. The conflict begets a flashback to Ninjak’s childhood when Roku asks who he really is. We the readers are treated to recollections of his abusive butler, his cold and aloof parents and his prepotency to run away from his privileged lifestyle. The issue transitions beautifully between the past and the here and now with Roku and Ninjak locked in battle while Kannon gazes on. The fight is a draw with each doling out their best shots until Kannon decides to take matters into his own hands and teach our protagonist a lesson. The fight and the outcome lay the foundation perfectly for the coming of the Shadow Seven and the impending war.

Matt Kindt is a master story teller. I am always looking forward to the next Ninjak issue and they have yet to disappoint. The story is on target with the greatest of wealthy vigilante icons such as Oliver Queen or Bruce Wayne and I dare say Colin King could take both. Kindt is adept at character development and has created a world with action, heroism, supernatural mysteries but most of all heart. The art is tremendous with Clay Mann, Seth Mann and Ulises Arreola creating stunning frames that resemble more of a motion picture than a book. Valiant Comics has a winner on its hand.

If you are not familiar with the Ninjak series I highly recommend you take a trip to your local comic shop and pick up all 5. It is the kind of book you will enjoy reading repeatedly.


5 of 5 Safe Rooms

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