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Comic Hearsay – 7/29/15

Each week, this crew will be putting together a list of books that few of the residents of Comic Book Lovers are picking up and/or may be thinking are books that are getting hot and deserve a look at. Please remember that while Comic Book Speculation can profitable, it’s all opinion and meant for fun. We have no abilities to know how exactly the market will react and this is something we like to have fun with. Please let us know if you enjoy this segment and we will keep it going as long as possible. Big shout out to the gang in the Comic Book Lovers group for this segment. With that said, here are this week’s picks.

Admin Jeremy Courtney

He Man – The Eternity War #8

Southern Bastards #10 (Check out the variant as well)

Speculator Tip: So it seems Norman Reedus in an interview may have given away a big thing in this coming season of The Walking Dead, and for those who read the comic I know this won’t spoil anything, but if you only watch the show and would not like this spoiled go to the next column now. Are you gone? I hope so… So in issue 100 we get the 1st appearance of one of the BADDEST characters to ever grace the pages of the Walking Dead: Lucille, oh and Negan, BUT we also get the death of a main staple to the group, Glenn. Now Mr. Reedus is known for his practical jokes but it has also been hinted that Negan would make an appearance this season so it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Now here is the problem with issue 100, there’s literally 17 different covers, so which do you want? I myself am going to say you either want the regular cover, or the 2nd and 3rd printing. The regular cover is hitting about $10-$15, 2nd print (1st cover to actual have Negan on it) goes as high as $20 or as little as $2, and the third print is much like the 2nd, can hit $20 but can be found for $2. Now I’m sure all the covers will see some kind of action but I think these are the ones for us frugal speculators to pick and make the most cash. Ba Ba Booey to you all!

Hearsay Regular Roger Alan Humphrey

Shrinking Man #1


Squarriors #3

Back Issue Pictacular: Black Lightning #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just picked this up for $2 in VF/NM condition, so I know there are some cheap copies out there. This is the first appearance and origin of Black Lightning. Oh, make sure you are grabbing the 1978 #1. The reason I am on board with this book is because DC has stated they are trying to steal a page from Marvel and add more diversity to their books. Unlike Marvel, though, they are not turning old characters into women or changing their sexual orientation or some other nonsense. No, they are bringing back their old characters in new, big ways. Look at Midnighter, for example. Yes, I think Black Lightning comes back big time and I am all in on this one. It is a Bronze book that we can turn into something. EBay sales have this book between $2 and $30 Raw.

PCU Publisher Harry C.

Marvel Comics

Sleeper Pick: Sometimes the best time to grab a book is before a character is announced in a movie or TV show. Either way if you pay under 20 dollars for it, if it goes up, it works to your advantage should you sell it later or, you may just break even for having it. Just a few weeks ago, I grabbed Uncanny X-men #221 which is the 1st appearance of Mr. Sinister. For 8 bucks it was a great buy. No, he hasn’t been mentioned for a movie or anything as of yet but hey, you never know. You can get them raw on EBay for between 8 to 15 dollars. Again, grab it now and if he ever gets announced for a movie, the value will probably go up. If nothing else, you have yourself a pretty good key issue.

Hearsay Regular Jason “Like my couch” Gonzalez

Deathstroke Annual #1

Back Issue Tip: Any Serious Comic Collector can benefit from GPA ( its great for showing Trends and it tracks all CGC Sales from not just EBAY but almost every online auction site… uploads sales usually within a few hours and its data goes back 12 years on some books……. its the best 10 bucks per month I have ever spent I use it constantly.

As always, please remember speculation is mainly for fun, hopefully though we all make a little money as well.

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