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Review Brew: Justice League #42

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Jason Fabok


Geoff Johns started Justice League off on a less than palatable note. A few years later, as someone who originally didn’t like this title when it relaunched under the New 52 banner, I have to admit that Johns really turned the series around and made it his own much like he did during his tenure on Green Lantern. His work on the Forever Evil event was enjoyable enough that it’s no surprise that Darkseid War is off and running in such a promising fashion.

Justice League #42 proves to be something of a balancing act for Johns, who ends up juggling several viewpoints and plots as Earth becomes the focal point for the battle between Darkseid, the Anti Monitor and the Justice League who stands between them. The highlight (aside from The Much Hyped Thing That Happens To Batman) is Wonder Woman getting to have a little more spotlight time than we’re used to seeing from her throughout this series. There’s also some pretty good stuff that takes place on Apokolips where we see some quality proxy characterization of Darkseid via his generals, Steppenwolf and Desaad. Darkseid is a ominous, menacing villain that works way better when he’s seen through the eyes of other characters as opposed to the internal narrative approach that Johns usually favors. There are a few characters that don’t benefit as much as we’d like from the carousel of plotline constantly turning, but Johns still does a decent job of managing it. As far as the artwork goes, Jason Fabok is a better David Finch than David Finch. Have you ever wondered what Finch’s characters would look like if they had more than one facial expression? Well, that’s what happens with Fabok here and it works like a charm.Bottom Line: The various plot points are a bit frantic, but all the action and quality art balances it out well enough to keep you on board until next month.

3 Boom Tubes out of 5.

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