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TV review: Chris Tucker: Live

Yes, Chris Tucker is still alive and kicking and no, he will not make a new Friday movie. For those that didn’t know or forgot, Chris Tucker has a new stand up special available on Netflix and it was entertaining.

While it started off a bit rocky, with Chris looking a tiny bit uncomfortable, once he got settled down, it felt like a classic yet more mature Chris Tucker. One thing is for certain; do not expect this to be a rated PG show. While he may have said that he is a born again Christian, this show was far from clean and I am ok with that. Within the 1st five minutes from giving guys advice on how to surprise your woman is a clue of how the show is going to be. Mind you it’s not raunchy but it’s definitely not for kids.

Chris as always has a good handle of talking about relatable topics, including dating, his issues with money and the IRS and more.

“Take care of your business, man, and don’t listen to people. Do your own business. Be careful who you listen to, ’cause that’s the last time I let Wesley Snipes help me out with my taxes!”

Of course at some point, Chris Tucker talks about Michael Jackson and his visit to Neverland Ranch. He gives us a funny recollection of his hanging out with Jackson and Barry Gibbs and messing up a song. What’s even funnier is him doing Bill Clinton and Barak Obama. The funniest moment in my opinion, was when talks about his eating his mama’s breakfast which he thought was for him. You know what’s coming but the setup is just perfect.

Chris Tucker is just one of those weird stars. He was in the spotlight, then he disappears and then re-appears without missing a beat. Watching this special makes us appreciate what he has to offer so get it now before he disappears on us for another 5 years.

4.5 “Same time man…same time!!” of 5

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