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The New Release Wednesday Show for July 8th 2015!

Starfire #2, Star Wars: Lando #1 AND MORE ON New Release Wednesday 7/8/15!

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In this week’s episode, Host, Patrick Michael Strange and Astray Productions’ Joe Carabeo open the show doing their best ‘WWE Miz-dow’ impression! Former Temple Far East Entertainment star and now BOOM! Studios superstar, comics creator, Jerry Gaylord (The Art of Jerry Gaylord), talks about Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return, in our “In Case You Missed It” segment!!! Special guests for this week from the Carolyn and Joe Show and Curls Studio, Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo! Watch as they discuss Texas BBQ, poster design, nipples and more!

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Season 2 Episode 16 for July 8th, 2015!

About Patrick S. (12 Articles)
Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, Father, Husband, Fanboy... BAMF! Patrick Michael Strange is a Scorpio with brown eyes who prefers boxers, clear deodorants and Ultimate Hold hair gel. He is 5'7" in height, weighs about 170 pounds and hasn’t worked out in quite some time. He is the Host & Executive Producer of The New Release Wednesday show and is the CEO/Co-Founder of the charity cosplay group, CosLove. On occasion, Patrick acts as a member of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (SAG-AFTRA); but has been busy with other film pursuits by writing his own screen projects instead of being the usual “Asian Bad Guy #2”. Patrick was born in San Diego, California and was raised around the world as the product of a US Navy sailor and a Filipino woman whom worked at a brothel (note: ‘worked at’ not ‘work’ for the brothel). Patrick met and married a beautiful black woman named Ebony while Patrick was enlisted in the US Navy and they both enjoy and indulge in the stupidity and stares from the pockets of racism as they eat their way through the South. Nothing stops good fried chicken! Together they also spawned a mixed child female that will soon become President of the United States that will rival the fame of previous President Obama. Patrick has been a part of award winning television, film and comics projects. He has been a guest on TV shows and at comics conventions and shows… but he prides his biggest accomplishments being that of his child, his family and friends and his work with his charity group, CosLove. ‪#‎ShowYourHeart‬
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