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1st Impressions: Batman Arkham Knight

The Dark Knight is back in a big way and Arkham Knight is bigger, better and sexier than ever. Just typing this right now is taking me away from saving Gotham City, but I will endure to give my initial reactions of this masterpiece.

The Batmobile, Batmobile, Batmobile, this will become your best ally. Rocksteady has gone through great lengths to once again innovate how you traverse around fair Gotham, either by gliding and using your grapple gun or using your trusty Batmobile. The graphics this time around has received a major boost due to the current generation systems, and the size and scale of the city reflect it.

Thus far the story is a very emotional roller-coaster ride filled with the usual rogue’s gallery of Batman villains, and a very complex narrative for the Batman. The game mechanics once again have been heightened and polished to a razors edge without reinventing the wheel, with that being said the fighting controls will feel familiar and fresh at the same time. So there you go my initial Arkham Knight thoughts on the graphics, story, mechanics, and controls so far. How about you guys did you pick up the game and what do you think so far? Now if you will excuse me, I’m needed back in Gotham.

Brandon T.

On the flipside…

While much of what Brandon says is true about the scope of the game,  my judgement is a bit more reserved on this game.

Plot:   Once again,  Gotham is close to falling into chaos following the Joker’s death and the rise of the Scarecrow.   Gotham’s infrastructure is pushed past it’s limit and only one man can save them…BATMAN.   One can always ask how many times has this happened, it’s just that I felt like in this game players are being beaten over the head with this narrative.

Graphics:  There is no doubt that similar to the other games in the series, that this is a beautiful game.  Also this is one of the few games that is showing off the power of the new consoles and boy does it shine.  The rain glistening off of Batman’s armor,  the different character models for some of the bad guys and more.  if there is one thing I cannot deny is that this is a good looking game.

Presentation: In my opinion, it’s a mixed bag.  while the game has a ‘more of the same’ feeling, I do like the fact that most of the cut scenes blend in fairly well with the in game graphics.  I also like the fact that you can hear most of the radio chatter via your controller (PS4 only) but it’s sad that they use the same 2 or 3 voices that they had in past Batman games.  While this game definitely feels more ‘open world’  I am not all that crazy about the fact that events meant to side track you really don’t add up to much but to fight and give XP.  And then there is the Batmobile.   To a certain degree, I think this game was created JUST to give people access to it and at times it’s a little more crippling than it should be.

Controls:   Still standard fare as most Batman games.   There are a few new little nuances added but overall, it’s pretty much the same to me.   The controls for the Batmobile can be fidgety at times but thankfully there are tutorials that one can use to get better at using it.

by Harry C.

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