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Review Brew: Hellbreak #4

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Brian Churilla

Colorist: Dave Stewart

The more you know

With Orpheus team still in Maramec, we find out things are not what they seem.

This was a good follow-up to the last issue, but I would like to have the team out by now. Bunn does a great job of writing these characters. The pacing is good as it switches between the groups of characters in the story. Jenner finds out who the people that saved him are. His team members learn that the ghosts of children are dangerous. Even learning how to open the portal to get home. We learn more about Jenner’s past while in his dreams. I would love to see the backstory of the other characters on his team. There is some foreshadowing about what’s to come towards Kerberos but it would have been better to save it more towards the end of this arc.

Brian Churilla did a good job in this issue. The characters look good and the action is fast paced when an attack happens. The way he captures the look of characters and their faces are good. The creatures and ghouls that appear look good. I’m a sucker for the way a monster looks. Also, the scene with Jenner’s dream was great. Dave Stewart did a great job on colors and make the scenes look great. The colors in Jenners mind are great with the switch between red and green.

I enjoyed this issue and can’t wait for the next issue to see what happens next. Having the motives of Kerberos and the people that Jenner meets could have been at the end. The writing is good and the plot moves along at a steady pace. The art is good and the creatures look great. The colors help set the scenes, especially when in Jenner’s dream state. I want to see how far this series will go.

4 out of 5 ghouls

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