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Review Brew: Ninjak #4

Writer: Matt Kindt

Art: Juan Jose Ryp, Clay Mann, Seth Mann & Marguerite Sauvage

Ninjak # 4 begins with our hero standing exposed to Kannon and his personal assassin Roku, his secret identity revealed. This issue provides a highly anticipated back story for the beautiful but deadly Roku.

As Ninjak stands before Kannon, Roku begins to remember long forgotten events triggered by the smell of Ninjak. She knows she has met him before but can’t grasp the memory. What she does remember is another life, long ago. She also remembers her death. Through an ancient ritual, the girl who will become Roku finds herself in the underworld, slowly being transformed. She can feel every muscle, every tendon. Even her very hair is changing into individual life forms. She is challenged by demons that have only one demand. What is her name? But her old self is fading fast and she cannot recall even that. The demons try to consume her but she is now fast, alert, and a lethal killer. She finally ascends to the surface to meet the leaders of the temple to whom she reveals that her name is now and forever will be Rokurokubi.

Ninjak #4 is a departure from the main narrative but a very welcome one. The story of Roku’s birth is fully engrossing and nicely sets up the cliff hanger of a battle between Roku and Ninjak. Writer Matt Kindt has created an excellent adventure and the team of Ryp, Mann, Mann and Sauvage create stunning art. As an added “Lost Files” reveal, we also learn a small nugget of Kannon’s back story as well. I don’t mean to gush but this reviewer can’t find much fault with Ninjak #4


5 of 5 Monks

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