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Advanced Review Brew: Pastaways #4

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Scott Kolins

Colorist: Bill Crabtree

When it comes to series where I don’t have a previous tie to the characters involved, I almost always go by the creators working on it (that or outside recommendation). When Pastaways was launched from Dark Horse, I went out of my way to seek it out due to Matt Kindt being one of my favorite writers, and wanting to get the chance to see Scott Kolins do some creator owned work. This book was different than anything we have in the market now, and Dark Horse looks like it published another gem as the series picks up.

When reading the first, 3-issue arc, the story seemed a little detached, as the characters all existed, seemed pretty interesting coming from the future to be trapped in our time, but we never really got a chance to dive into their backgrounds. With this issue, we finally get to take a deeper look into Art, and, to a certain extent, Phil. Arthur goes into his origin story, as the team continues to battle objects and threats coming into the present day from the future, via a hole in time. The ship they encounter here may not be as nefarious as they initially think. On top of that, and the good bit of back and forth we get from the whole team here, one of the members may have some ulterior motives here. With issue 4, Kindt is really hitting his stride. The story is becoming a little more character driven, as the tension from all sides is palpable, you know the situation is going to explode at any moment. On top of this, the concepts being thrown around, mixing futuristic ideas into modern society, is top notch. Between this and Mind MGMT, Kindt is telling uniquely different stories and becoming one of the best in the business.

With much of Kindt’s creator owned work, I’m used to seeing his beautiful art accompany the words, but Scott Kolins comes in and does not disappoint. In terms of the tone of this piece, kind of off the wall high concept story, Kolins is a perfect partner. He draws a fairly detailed story, a la Nick Pitarra, but still maintains a sense of humor, which only enhances the feel of this book. We know that Kolins has the storytelling chops as well, being a seasoned veteran in comics and really proving himself on books like The Flash. It’s nice to see him really flexing his muscles with creature and ship designs in this issue as well, as the tentacle ship the team goes up against was very fun and different. I’m not sure if this is a Kindt, Kolins, or team idea, but highlighting bits of panels with a red box and explaining what that future tech is, is a beautiful move, giving each page that bit extra to put it over the top. Along with this, Crabtree brings the perfect palette for Kolins style. It’s bright and flashy, as you’d expect from a slightly humorous sci fi title, and the reds just sing from page to page.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue, and hope to see some more character pieces in issues to come, as I feel we are just now getting to the meat of the book. If you weren’t grooving on the first arc, you should give this issue a try.


4.5 Sofas out of 5

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