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Sony E3 2015 Presentation Reactions

Well with Day 1 of E3 ending we round out the day with Sony hosting a very confident and eclectic showing of the future for their system. This press conference had everything from franchises that have been in development hell for years too, franchises that use to be more associated with other consoles, to mind blowing announcements of remakes. if you missed it, see it all below.

Sony came out swinging tonight with the announcement that Fumito Ueda’s The Last Guardian is still coming out after being in development for years. If you are not familiar with this game, it is from the team that brought us Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. A great deal of people had given up on the game stating that it will never come out. Now we can all rejoice because The Last Guardian has a release window of 2016 and the 6 minutes of footage running on Playstation 4 looked amazing. The game footage featured a young boy and his faithful guardian creature trying to cut through a rough and barren environment.

Up next Guerilla Games revealed its new franchise – Horizon: Zero Dawn. The trailer features a woman exploring a crumbled civilization that nature has reclaimed. The trailer takes place in a world where technology evolved and now has taken on the attributes of animals hunting in packs. The trailer ended showing off some great action sequences, surrounded by lush beautiful environments.  The game is expected sometime in 2016.

The middle section of Sony’s press conference featured a few games that we already knew about like Street Fighter V, Assassins Creed Syndicate, and the new Hitman game. Within all of this we also learned that Yu Suzuki wants to release Shenmue 3. However, he wants to do it via Kickstarter. He needs 2 million dollars to back it. As of this time, his goal has been accomplished thanks to the 20,000+ backers of his dream. We also got to see some very creative and interesting things that Media Molecule is doing with its new title Dreams. This new game appears to have all the fun and freedom of Little Big Planet with a more artistic look.

Also, midway through the conference we got to see more of No Mans Sky from Hello Games. The game play clip featured more universal exploring, and more details on how exploration works in the game. As fun and interesting as the game looks the director of the project unfortunately still has not unveiled a release date for the game.

The latter part of the show Sony gave a firsthand look at Project Morpheus, and the type of experiences we can expect with it. At this point in the show Sony dropped the atom bomb of reveals with the announcement of a Final Fantasy 7 remake coming first to the Playstation 4. Now this is a remake that fans of the original have been asking about for years, no release date or actual game play was shown at this time, but hopefully we can expect more news about this in the coming months.

Finally the show ended with actual game play of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The gameplay demo looked great showing off great environments during gun play, cool action sequences that is a signature of the series as well as an amazing driving portion that ended in a dramatic cliffhanger.

Overall in my opinion Sony show did a good job of showing games currently in development with 2016 release windows, but unfortunately not too many system exclusive games for the coming holiday season. Sony is banking on the unique experiences that come from their great indie library to fill those gaps in during the holiday season. I feel this show did deliver and has me very optimistic for the coming year for Sony.

If I were to grade the conference I would give it an A-.

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