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EA’s E3 Press Conference Reactions

Ok… this is my write up for EA E3 announcement.

If you missed it, you can see it all here

I may not cover everything but I will cover the stuff that I thought counted. Of course as we all know this is all about building the hype machine so I will cover as much ground as I can.

First off while I was impressed with the Need For Speed announcement, I am still curious about all of the modes that will be in the game and how they plan on improving over NFS: Rivals which was one of the launch titles of the new systems. The game boasts a lot of customizing and I really want to know how much as well as the car list. I am sure that more info will be coming soon.

Plants vs Zombies was cool.   It’s actually doing some of the things that most FPSes don’t do. It’s allowing players to bring over their unlocks from the 1st game to the 2nd game which I think is a smart idea especially for parents of kids who love this game and built up a lot without feeling like it was a money grab. Just imagine if Call of Duty players or Battlefield players could do the same. Also liked the idea that now there is a single player mode and multiplayer split screen so that families with multiple kids can give them the chance to share the screen and TV. Kudos for improving this franchise

Now before I get into the Star Wars and sports game, I have to say that the only thing that befuddled me was that with multiple sport games and Star Wars games, I was surprised that EA just didn’t present all like genre games right after the other but…who am I?

Any old way, the expansion to Star War The Old Republic was announced and dated for October 2015. No, game play was shown but the trailer which was nothing but cut-scenes were sick.   The biggest draws will be that players new and old will not only be able to get the expansion for free, but also be able to start at level 60. It could be an interesting way to attract new players.

NBA 16 was announced and I really cringed when they introduced that ‘random hardcore gamer’ on the stage who was just so… stereotypical. Thanks for the racial  facepalm EA!!! Outside of that, sure, the app to allow player put their faces in the game was cool and hopefully it’s available for FIFA and other sports games because the Gameface tool is now garbage. And sure, a lot of time was spent talking about on court changes but what is EA doing to compete with 2K Sports?

Speaking of FIFA 16, I have some of the same questions. EA promises to improve the AI but what are they doing to change the modes in the game so it feels a lot less like a roster update? I really would like to hear more before September because this may be the year I give PES 2016 a shot. Oh, women’s teams…yay. Not that there shouldn’t be but the way that they are doing it looks like they are throwing a serious bone to women’s soccer.   Really? No way to get all of the represented countries in?   That’s a side eye to EA Sports on that one.

Mirror’s Edge 2 looks interesting and it’s a shame that it took nearly 8 years between the first one and this one.

Then there is Madden 16.   What can I say? Oh yeah, I am one of the few people who, due to a real life strike of anything NFL related, who will not be buying the game. The one thing that was intriguing (or really just a new way to make a mess of things) was selecting how to catch a pass. I feel like EA Sports just needs to find new ways to give random button assignments for things that should just happen. We will learn more soon as Madden will release late this summer.

Hey!!! Sea of Thieves looks like a fun pirate game!!!! Yes, sadly my bar is low, I think.
But hey, I need a fun, whimsical game in between my hardcore ones.

But Star Wars Battlefront…siiiiigh. WOW! WOW AND MORE WOW

That will be that game that makes me want to take a day and a half off.   The sights, and sounds all look incredible!!! As my wife and I watched the footage, she remarked at how she could see me now playing it and humming the music as I play….yes that is how much a geek I am. It runs on the Frostbite engine with single player modes, and apparently offline multiplayer.

Also, it boasts 8 to 40 players per map.   Just watch that footage and try hating it.

All in all, EA’s press conference was a bit mixed but at least in some realms of gaming they are listening to fans.   We know that their sports games will print money, but the biggest seller outside of the sports franchises this year will be Star Wars.

I give EA a B- for their conference.


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