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E3 recap: Bethesda E3 Showcase

If you missed the conference, you can catch it in its entirety below.   After that, is my opinion and info on all the games mentioned to be released.


Fallout 4

Although I’m not a Fallout player, the trailer has caught my eye.  it was announced that Fallout 4 is coming November 10, 2015.  The concept art alone was enough to get me interested in playing the game.  The game takes place in downtown Boston “on a beautiful Saturday morning” before the bombs fell.  The graphics look amazing as you come out of your shelter.  What makes this game different from the previous version is you have the ability to play as a man or a woman, and you can create your own character and since the creation options are endless, it means even Rachel Dolezal can create herself.  Another little perk is that the robot in the game is programmed to say over a 1000 names.  I’m pretty sure “Arnissa” didn’t make the cut.   The game was created on their next-gen Creation Engine complete with full rending and lighting graphics.  As with the game’s predecessor you can  play in 1st person and 3rd person mode.  And…there is a dog again.  You can give the dog commands.  Also new to the series is  the ability to rebuild your world using the materials found throughout the game. This looks like it gives the game a post apocalypse Sims Feel.  Every item in the game has a purpose and as seen it looks like it would work and you can even get power generators as well.   You have a choice of 50 base weapons with over 700 modifications that can be made to each weapon.  You can even mod your own power armor.

A real Pipboy watch has been introduced and there is a version that will come with the Collector’s Edition.  You can add your phone to the device because of course, there’s an app for that.  It works with the game and acts as a second screen.  The app the will be release on iOS and Android when the game is released.

To tide gamers over until November, Fallout Shelter was released to iOS after the conference.  It’s just like playing The Sims.  You control the people in your vault.  There is no pay wall timers and the game is totally free.  No internet connection is needed for the game.  So have fun getting all the women in the shelter pregnant.


My favorite first person shooter game is back. Doom was developed by ID in 1993. It was the among the first FPS games (Big thanks to Wolfenstein 3D !!) that defined the genre that we have today. This new version of Doom brings back some of the old favorite weapons like the Super Shot Gun and a new weapon….the Chainsaw! Punching demons and stabbing them with guns was one of the things that really caught my breath. The game looks fast-paced so you have to be on your P’s and Q’s. For those that had issues playing Quake in the past regarding motion sickness, I suggest you stock up on Dramamine before playing this game. I love the fact that you have a wide range of mod-able weapons to choose from and as always, the game can be played in single player or multiplayer mode and Co-Op. I feel LAN parties are going to become a returning fad for this generation. They added something new to that game that has me even more intrigued.  Doom Snapmap is a new feature which I’m excited about. You will  be able  to customize your own maps and share it with anyone in the world. The ability to do this now should make the Call of Duty creators hard pressed to justify selling DLC map packs.   The game will be released in Spring 2016 on Xbox 1, PS4, and PC.

Battle Cry

Beta testing is going to begin soon for Battle Cry. For more information go to   The game is set to release sometime later in 2015

Dishonored 2

The trailer looked amazing. The details are scarce for now. We learned that you have the option to play as a man or a woman in the game. I will pick the woman Princess Emily Kaldwin. It looks like she is going to be a tough as nails character to use in the game. Let’s face it, there are hardly any options in games to play as female protagonists and it’s refreshing to see a lot of games coming that will change that. The game will be available on Xbox 1, PC, and PS4 however, no release date was given. However it was  announced that a definitive (read: graphically enhanced) version of Dishonored would be released later this fall.   My hope is that they allow saves to transfer over for those of us who didn’t finish it the first time.

Elder Scroll Legends

For those that were constantly saying there was going to be a Skyrim 2, get over it. Let’s try Elder Scroll Legends digital CCG. This will be a new area for Bethesda. If you were a fan of Magic the Gathering, this is right up your alley. This game will be free to play on PC and iPad later this year. Again details were scarce and no game play was shown but I am excited for it. Get ready to make some space on your iPad. Clear out the pics and the music quick. After you install this, I’m sure all other games on you device are going to be null and void. I can’t wait!!!!

So, it looks like Bethesda has some exciting games coming within the next year and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!


Final Grade:  B+

What excited you about their presentation?  Leave them in the comments below.

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