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Preview Brew: Postal Vol. 1


The first four issues of hit Top Cow horror series will be collected into trade paperback 

Writer Matt Hawkins (THINK TANK, TALES OF HONOR) and Bryan Hill (Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box) and Top Cow’s Talent Hunt-winning artist Isaac Goodhart create a suspenseful horror thriller in POSTAL, VOL. 1. The first four issues of the new hit Top Cow series will be collected into a trade paperback and available this July.

The townsfolk of Eden, Wyoming wake up to the first official murder the town has seen in 25 years. Their reaction to this isn’t normal, and there’s a reason for that. Eden operates as a haven for fugitive criminals who remain here while new identities, often including facial reconstruction, are created for them. There is zero tolerance for any illegal activity that might draw attention to the town and an “official murder” is the last thing they want. A single, tight-knit family runs Eden with the youngest oddball son Mark Shiffron overseeing the postal branch, the only means of shipping in or out of the city. The FBI has repeatedly been foiled trying to insert an undercover agent here; they see Mark as the weak link to exploit. This murder gives them a new opportunity.

POSTAL, VOL. 1 hits comic book stores on June 24 and bookstores on July 7.

More praise for POSTAL:

“Postal is a book that took me by surprise and really wowed me. The writing is incredibly interesting and well done. The art and colors are very fitting for the book and make it much more enjoyable. This is a book that needs to be read by anyone who likes good stories!” —All-Comic

“One of the strongest lead-ins to a new story that the medium has seen in a while.” —Graphic Policy 

“A very strong protagonist drives a premise that holds a lot of potential in what is turning out to be an addictive mystery.” —Adventures in Poor Taste 

“A solid ‘win’ for me in my search each month for comics that feel and read different from every other comic I’m reading.” —Comic Spectrum 

“An intriguing first issue that bears further watching.” —Newsarama

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