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Review Brew: Archie Vs. Predator #3

Writer- Alex de Campi

Artist- Fernando Ruiz


Two horror titles. A gay character headlining his own series. A reboot that will stray heavily from the cartoonish feel that has always prevailed. 2015 Archie Comics is not much like your father’s Archie Comics. Oh sure, in the past few years KISS and even The Punisher have crossed paths with the Riverdale gang, but at no point has the line been as adventurous as right now. So why wouldn’t a Predator show up to menace our favorite red-head?

After the events of last issue, the kids became aware that they were being hunted by an otherworldly creature. With several of the group already violently slaughtered, Archie, Betty and Veronica amongst others have retreated to the high school. The Predator makes it inside and more carnage ensues. Dilton introduces the gang to his latest invention, which in spite of its creepy factor of 10, may prove to be their only hope. Other highlights include an A.V.P. joke, and one character’s final resting place being quite appropriate.

Alex de Campi has taken great care in writing this story, so that fans of both franchises are satisfied. The Archie cast act completely in normal character, even in the face of such a strange situation. The Predator hunts, kills and rips spines out. The story has progressed naturally from the first issue, and the setup plays like a typical Riverdale adventure. Fernando Ruiz stays true to the house style of art that we all know, but adds the unusual elements of violence and gore, which fit in despite their alien nature to this setting.

Archie Vs. Predator may sound like a concept for a comic crossover that couldn’t, or even shouldn’t work. The key here is the creators treat both properties with respect, while retaining the teen humor Archie brings, and the unrestricted violence found in Predator stories. This story works very well, and each issue has introduced new elements to keep the reader invested. At this rate, we should see Predator’s old friend Alien in Riverdale before long, and I’ll gladly read that book too!


4 Zip! Chocolate Bars of 5

Reviewed by- John Amenta

Archie Vs. Predator #3 will be released June 10th, review copy provided by Dark Horse Comics

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