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Preview Brew: Variant Covers For Archie #1

Archie Comics is proud to reveal the full line-up of retailer exclusive variant covers for this summer’s blockbuster ARCHIE relaunch by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples! After teaming with retailers for exclusive variant covers for the debut issues of the hit-series AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE and CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, we knew it was time to do something even more special with the release of ARCHIE #1 on July 8.

Featuring an all new story from comics legend Mark Waid and stunning artwork from superstar Fiona Staples, these ARCHIE #1 retailer exclusive variant covers are by the best and brightest talents in the industry including Jae Lee, Terry Moore, Cameron Stewart, and many more!

Take a look at the full assortment of retailer exclusive covers below and pre-order the covers you want with these great retailers!

Variant Cover by Art Baltazar

Variant Cover by Art Baltazar


Variant Cover by Rafael Albuquerque


Variant Cover by Peter Bagge


Variant Cover by Rich Koslowski


Variant Cover by Dave Dorman


Variant Cover by Chris Foreman


Variant Cover by Brent Peeples


Variant Cover by Jae Lee


Variant Cover by Jaime Tyndall


Variant Cover by Jae Lee


Variant Cover by Dan Schoening


Variant Cover by Kate Leth


Variant Cover by Terry Moore

Variant Cover by Tom Grummett

Variant Cover by Tom Grummett

Variant Cover by Scott Shaw

Variant Cover by Scott Shaw

Variant Cover by Dan dos Santos

Variant Cover by Dan dos Santos

Variant Cover by Cameron Stewart

Variant Cover by Cameron Stewart

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