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Review Brew: Secret Wars #3

Here we are into the 3rd issue of this event (and I am not happy or surprised that the next books are delayed) while I know a few of you are doubtful that Marvel can pull off yet another event, number 3 introduces yet another twist.







So, last issue took a Game of Thrones-esque turn, when we find that Dr. Doom is the absolute god of life as we know it the Marvel universe. Somehow he stitched together everything into Battleworld with Stephen Strange as his right hand man.   In this issue, with as much exposition as one could possibly stand, we find out how this came to be and the state of mind that Doom is in. We also learn that Strange had a hand in the creation of Battleworld as well.   While they may be partners of a sort, pay attention how Strange addresses Doom in the book. Clearly Strange is a subordinate yet if he wanted the power he could have taken it and allowed Doom to have it instead. We also find out where Battleworld gets its light from…flame ON FOREVER!!!

Things don’t really get interesting til towards the middle of the book when Strange goes to investigate the crashed ship that brought the Cabal and discovers Miles Morales who was cloaked and survived the destruction of the old Marvel Universes.   And in a (not so obvious twist) we also find later that Dr. Strange has been keeping his own secrets away from the eyes of Doom as we find out the fate of those aboard Reed Richards’ ship.

This book took a few twists that I was and wasn’t expecting. It was really interesting to see some of the fates of characters that occurred since the incursion and even the idea of one achieving a state of godhood and being worshiped was a new twist on a millennia old tradition. This also poses a threat to Doom’s reign as well.  Hickman has done a good job of laying the groundwork of what is to come in this event since the first book.   It’s going to be intriguing to find out how much of Doom’s rule is absolute or if Strange is pulling the strings in the background. My mind thinks back to the New Avengers story about a year ago when Strange sold his soul to get more power and I am wondering how this will fit into the story as we go along.

Esad Ribic’s art just slays this issue! The colors are rich and defined and especially the moment when Doom’s face is revealed, it makes one yearn for any other media to bring this to life.  Ribic in many ways reminds me of Simone Bianchi’s work but a lot cleaner and defined.  It’s epic in many ways and really stands out.


The book, as I said earlier, can be wordy but if anyone has ever followed Hickman, this is what he does. With the way that the story is told, readers get a front seat to seeing who are The Powers That Be and those that run things behind the scenes. We are not quite halfway into this ride and things are starting to heat up. I can only image what will happen once Thanos fully inserts himself into the picture.

(Ya know, I will call it right now and predict that Susan Storm will somehow have the final say over all of this craziness!!)

4 Eyes of Agamotto out of 5

by Aitch Cee

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