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Fallout 4 trailer is HERE!!!

As you saw yesterday, Bethesda teased us with the announcement coming today.   LIFE IS GLORIOUS

Well boys and girls, here is what we know so far after watching the world premiere of the new Fallout 4 trailer…

It would appear that the early rumors about the game taking place in Boston may have been confirmed based on some of the landmarks seen in the new trailer. We also know that it appears the game will involve Vault 111, somewhere in the greater Beantown area. The game will have a full reveal at E3 on June 14.

It appears that we might see some playable vehicles, as well as a return of companions. It also is hinted that we may perhaps see some look back at the time shortly before, and leading up to, the events that turn the world into the wasteland. The visuals, both apparent gameplay and pre-rendered cut-scenes as shared in the trailer, are crisp and stunning, as would be expected on next-gen systems, and it would appear the game will only be available on PS4, XboxOne, and PC.

Sorry last gen hangers on!

Sorry last gen hangers on!

You can sign-up for exclusive promotions and more from Vaul-Tec at the bottom of the page, and when you’re finished you get the following message:


There were some reports that the website, went up an hour early and was nearly as quickly taken down but not before people of course manage to get screenshots and other things early. Whenever you saw it, it is beautiful and glorious.


The game will have a full reveal at E3 on June 14. We might expect to see more information on release date, location, gameplay and game modes, and what if any System exclusives we might see. Stay tuned here for more updates as we get them!

By Jonathan Wolk

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