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It’s Always Raw…the day after 5/25/15

Hey there PCU-Maniacs

Ben here to introduce another awesome guest column here on the 5 thoughts from Raw. This week the awesome Michael Lindenbaum will be taking the wheel. I know another week of me not writing anything, but in my defence for most of tuesday morning my computer was in bits as I was installing things to make recording easier for me. Without further ado it’s time for the 5 thoughts from Raw that aired on May 25th 2015 – over to you, Michael.

First off I’d like to thank Ben for this opportunity to give my 5 thoughts on the Memorial Day edition of Monday Night RAW. Now lets get right to it.

  • Let’s just get the WWE World Heavyweight Championship feud out of the way first. I loved the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins feud from last year. The only issue I had with it was that there were never any clean finishes. Now that the feud has been reignited, I’m hoping that Elimination Chamber we finally get that clean finish we deserve. Now for last night’s Raw, I felt that what they did was too cliche. I mean ok, Ambrose needs to sign the contract to make the match official. Fine, that’s ok. However, the whole getting arrested, and then coming back at the end of the show in the police wagon was too predictable. Especially since we’ve seen this done several times before in the past (remember Alberto Del Rio running over Santa?). Creative should’ve, and could have come up with something better, like maybe Mick Foley helping Roman Reigns and Ambrose out?


  1. And speaking of Mick Foley, last night WWE did their last EVER event at Nassau Coliseum. Yea, that’s nice. I’ve been there for a Washington Capitals game, and that arena is a dump. But that is another story for another day. Now with this Raw being the last WWE event at Nassau Coliseum, my biggest question is this. Where was Mick Foley? I mean you had Long Island’s own Zack Ryder job to John Cena, who I’ll discuss in a bit, and you had the cast from the show now movie “Entourage” (horrible show by the way), but no Mick Foley. I feel that if they wanted this final event at Nassau Coliseum to be special, Mick should have been there.


  1. Now one thing that I’m happy about is the Tag Team Division. We are now getting some real quality tag teams, and 6 of them are getting to showcase their talents inside the Elimination Chamber, which I’m honestly very excited for. Now the amount of time they were given to build up the match at Elimination Chamber was horrible. You had The New Day cut their promo, which what they are doing with TND now is so much better then when they debuted the stable, and then Kane comes out and makes a 10 on 3 handicap match. Of course due to lack of time, they just let chaos ensue instead. Honestly not the best way to promote the talent going into a high stakes match like the Elimination Chamber, especially when something like we are going to see has never been done before.


  1. However, a great way to promote a match going into a PPV… I mean Special Event, is how the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match was promoted throughout the night. You had three good matches that showcased all 6 competitors going into the match. Plus the storyline involving Lana, Rusev, and Dolph Ziggler adds, at least to me, more interest going into Elimination Chamber. By far, the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match was presented and promoted much better than the Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match.


  1. Now earlier I mentioned Zack Ryder jobbing to John Cena. Ok, I get it. WWE wants Cena to look strong going into going to his match with NXT Champion Kevin Owens, but honestly it was a waste of time to me. The promo Cena cut before the match was good. It was your typical Cena promo too. What made the segment to me though was the ambush attack by Kevin Owens, and then Owens stomping his foot down on the US Championship, on Memorial Day of all days too, and raise the NXT Championship high above his head. I truly believe that Kevin Owens vs. John Cena will steal the show at Elimination Chamber, and I’m predicting now that Kevin Owens will win.


Well those are my 5 thoughts on last night’s Raw. Again, a huge thank you to Ben for allowing me the opportunity to do the post Raw 5 Thoughts. You can listen to me on my podcast “The Xperience” on the TauRadio Network and on the X75 Productions YouTube Channel. You can also follow me on Twitter at @TheLindenbaum75 and on Facebook at



…and Ben says:


Thanks Michael, in all fairness I’m kinda glad I didn’t have to write for this show as it would have not been a great read as I, all in all, disliked much of last nights show, from how rushed Zack’s match was, to the guest stars (FYI Entourage would have been a more effective movie after when the show was still current) to all the backstage segments. The one shining light in last night show for me, was something that has entertained me for a long time: the friendship between Ambrose and Reigns. From Roman showing up to help his boy in the opening segment, to him being willing to take a beating to buy Dean time to get to the arena. I love it. (oh and Seth shutting up the fans by pointing out why Justin Dieber isn’t insulting to him was great too.) On to Stars of the show!


Michael’s 3 Stars of the Show:


1) Ambrose

2) Lana

3) The Camera Guy who unfortunately got involved in last night’s Ambrose/Rollins storyline.


Ben’s 3 Stars of the Show:


2)Zack Ryder



So there you have it folks! The 5 points on Raw this week, I know I have been a bit sparse recently but I hope you enjoyed them. If you are in the vicinity myself and last week’s scribe Mansa Herndon will be part of the Awesomecon Wrestling panel this weekend. (Saturday May 30th, 12:30pm Room 103A) come join us!  Please feel free to let me know on twitter at @BobTGoldfish. Also you can you can also leave messages and replies here on PCU, so until next time PCU Maniacs!!!

See you in the Squared Circle

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