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“Batman: Arkham Knight”: What We Know

DC Entertainment has released several trailers & bits of information for the highly anticipated “Batman: Arkham Knight” game. The fourth game in (and the conclusion to) the ‘Arkham’ series, it is slated for release on 06/23/2015 for PC (Windows), PS4, and Xbox One, and looks completely AMAZING!

Here’s what we know about it so far.
Set one year after the events of “Arkham City”, the story revolves around the Batman trying to reconcile his existence without the constant threat of the Joker. Then, on Halloween night, Scarecrow threatens to release a more potent form of his fear gas and detonate bombs all around Gotham. While the denizens of the city are panicked, several of Batman’s most notorious foes are teaming up in an effort to kill the Dark Knight once & for all. Led by Scarecrow & the mysterious Arkham Knight (who IS under that mask, anyway??), the criminals sow chaos & destruction throughout Gotham. Batman must team up with several allies, and make use of new gadgets & weapons in order to combat the large-scale menace.

Several characters, some new, some returning, make their presence known in this chapter. Aside from Batman, Scarecrow, and the Arkham Knight; Commissioner Gordon, Two-Face, Robin, Harley Quinn (also with her own story available via pre-order DLC), Nightwing, Penguin, Alfred, Catwoman, Oracle, Batgirl (via Season Pass DLC) & Azrael all come in to play in this iteration of the story. Even the iconic Batmobile is now playable! The addition of the new allies also brings co-op & dual-play aspects to the game. The use of Robin’s staff, Batman’s size, Nightwing’s stealth, and Catwoman’s acrobatics all make for some pretty incredible 2-character combat takedowns.

The scale of Gotham has also been upgraded. Gotham has been split into 3 island areas, and is reported to be five times the size of the “Arkham City” prison. It looks like the use of the Batmobile & Batman’s cape glide is going to be even more prevalent in this game. With so much chaos going on in the streets, it seems like traversal of the city will be even more frenetic & fast-paced than ever before, with some great vehicle combat thrown in.

All in all, “Batman: Arkham Knight” may be shaping up to be one of the top games of 2015. It appeals to fans of the game series, as well as the comic. Provided that the developer (Rocksteady) can manage to avoid the bugs that ended up in “Arkham Origins”, this could be the best in the series, and a great way to close the storyline.

by Doug Toyryla

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