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Geek Eats: Faidley’s Seafood

While I was back in Baltimore today, I decided to stop in an old favorite place of mine. I am so glad that I did because, let me tell you, you will be hard pressed to get a good crab cake anywhere else, especially near DC where I reside.

Faidley’s has been around for well over a hundred years and is one of the few places in downtown Baltimore where you can get fresh seafood, from crab cake to trout to oysters…you name it, you got it!


Best of all, they can ship your order to you if you would like!

Faidley’s is located at 203 North Paca St. in Baltimore, at the west entrance to Lexington Market. I will be brutally honest, the area around the market can be a bit dodgy, but as long as you are aware of your surroundings, don’t let it stop you from missing out on a good meal.

So today, I stopped in to get a jumbo crab cake meal and it was exactly like I remembered. A lot of places in DC need to take some hints from Faidley’s in how to make a good crab cake.  There’s barely any shell or residual grease and, best of all, LOTS OF MEAT AND NO FILLER.


My meal was served quickly with a good, attentive customer service staff, the price was reasonable and once I was done, I was FULL.


Any one who loves crab cakes and seafood in general would be hard pressed to find a similar meal for the price point ($25 dollars total) and it was well worth it. So, if you find yourself in Baltimore and perhaps hitting a play at the Hippodrome, stop over to Faidley’s afterwards and grab some awesome seafood.

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