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The PCU Ten: Jimmy Palmiotti

Jimmy Palmiotti is the proof that nice guys don’t finish last. Through a long and celebrated career in comics, Jimmy has had success on both sides of the ball, writing and handling art chores. Whether it be his time teaming with Joe Quesada to resurrect characters such as Daredevil in the late 90’s with their Marvel Knights imprint, or working on any one of his creator owned books such as Back To Brooklyn or penning scripts for shows and video games, a certain level of quality always shines through. That reputation and years of hard work helped land him writing duties on one of DC’s bigger titles, featuring one of comics most popular characters, Harley Quinn. With more coming down the pike, namely a Starfire series from DC as well, the future looks bright for this comics hyphenate. Jimmy graciously took time to answer ten questions for PCU, here is the result.




PCU- 1. First off, Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Jimmy. What was the first comic that made you realize that you wanted to make a career out of creating them?


JP- There wasn’t a single book but a collective bunch of titles that really got my imagination going. Everything from Archie and Richie Rich, to Superman and then the Fantastic four and Little Annie Fanny in Playboy. I loved genre stories as well so a lot of westerns, sci-fi and horror books in-between. Superheroes were just a small part.


PCU- 2. In your career, was there any one book in particular that you worked on that you wish had performed better, or lasted longer?


JP- Probably THE MONOLITH was the one book that I wished gained an audience and continued and recently CREATOR OWNED HEROES at Image comics, mainly because of the material we had coming up. We got a bum deal on that title. We will get a second life with Monolith, but that announcement will be coming soon.


PCU- 3. You and Joe Quesada famously started up the Marvel Knights imprint in the late 90’s. Did you check out the Daredevil Television series, and if so, how did you feel about it?


JP- Have not gotten to watch it yet. Amanda is dealing with major deadlines and I promised her I would wait till all clear to watch it with her. Probably end of the month is how it looks. Unlike most people, I could care less if I have to wait to see things. There is so much going on in my world, tv time is low on the list. From what I hear its awesome and having Joe involved was key.


PCU- 4. You and Amanda Conner are riding a wave of popularity as creator’s on one of DC’s biggest books, Harley Quinn. Is Harley a character you always wanted a chance to write, or was it more of an assignment that worked out well?


JP- I never wanted to write her until we were asked and then, once we figured out how to make a series work, it became one of my favorite characters ever to work on. I am a huge fan of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini and to this day humbled in their presence. The idea of trying to do what they did with the character was absurd in my mind, so I never felt the character was approachable. It’s why we tried something slightly different, but with the key elements those two brought to the character. Our Harley is very loyal to all the versions at the end of the day, but we hear her voice from the animation in our heads when writing her.


PCU- 5. What is a typical day writing like for you? Do you stick to a schedule. or are you more prone to write as you feel inspired?


JP- I wake up and work…and do this till about noon. Get out and run around and then tackle some more work around 3-4 pm. This I do every single day without fail. I am writing 4 books right now, so without a schedule, it would all fall apart. With the deadlines I am fighting, there are some late nights involved here and there, but mostly I work during the day. Now that the water is warmer, I will be doing more work at the beach.


PCU- 6. You have had the opportunity to work with many great artists and writers in your career. Anyone on your wish list that you have not been given the chance to work with yet?


JP- Sure, artist wise, I would love to write something for Frank Cho, Andy and Adam Kubert, Ashley Wood, Paul Pope, Tim Sale, John Romita Jr, John Byrne, Bill Sienkiewicz, and many more. Honest, there is a ton of people I would love to work with or collaborate on a new book or character.


PCU- 7. Your run on Jonah Hex is one of my favorites. Do you hope to write more at some point, or do you feel you have done all you can with that character?


JP- I can always do more, but if I do , it will be for TV or film before more comics. I am waiting on a call from WB…lol.


PCU- 8. What current series are you really enjoying right now?


JP- Love and Rockets and honestly, I buy a ton of books, but I am behind on my reading. I follow artists and writers , not characters…so whoever I like, I buy. I could care less about reading a Spiderman or Batman book on its own…I have to like the talent involved.


PCU- 9. You do a lot of backing on Kickstarter, and have had projects funded as well. Is crowd funding the future of comics?


JP- It is part of the future of comics, as is new companies, new characters and the big companies starting to treat their talent better. I see the future clearly my friend and it will be a ton of millionares starting to hire all of us away from DC and Marvel to create Intellectual properties that we can co-own. Just you watch. Its happening already.


PCU- 10. You are going to be taking a stab at a new Starfire series after Convergence ends. When will we see that and who are you working with on it?


JP- Amanda and I are already into the first 6 months of the book, and it’s a bit of a different beat than our other work. I will say in tone it is more like our Powergirl series we did a few years back and less like Harley…or even G.I.Zombie for that matter. Our artist on the book is the amazing Emanuela Lupacchino and the super talented Ray McCarthy with colors by Hi-Fi and letters by Tom Napolitano. The book is also edited by Paul Kaminski and Eddie Berganza, masters at their game. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

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