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Review Brew: Secret Wars #2

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Esad Ribic
Colorist: Ive Svorcina

Reviewed By: Slewo

Secret Wars #1 was an amazing first issue, and it was always going to be hard for the second issue to top the end of everything. I’m glad to say Secret Wars #2 manages to successfully outdo the first issue and bring an expansive premise that could sustain itself even outside the confines of the event. While the original Secret Wars was pretty straightforward with its version of Battleworld, the new version is well thought out with an expansive array of characters, situations, and action as typical for a series by Jonathan Hickman.

Esad Ribic also gets so much more to draw this issue. While the last issue was all about tearing down everything in the brink of oblivion, the world-building (no pun intended) in this issue gives Esad Ribic an insane amount of new and crazy things to draw. The different realms are all given extremely different looks from Bar Sinister, to Higher Avalon, and even the Shield. The art goes a long way to show the extreme patchwork nature of Battleworld’s inhabitants, the landscape, and the threats that lie within it.

That being said, the 4.99 price is well worth it, there’s plenty of story and beautiful art to behold in the comic. If there’s a comic that really reclaims the capital “E” in event, its Secret Wars, even if you have no interest in the tie-ins, Secret Wars by itself has the makings of an epic


Reviewed by: Brett Israel

After the ending we got in Secret Wars 1, I had no idea what to expect from this second issue. The second I opened this issue, I got sucked into the story in a way I never have from a Superhero comic. This was basically the amalgamation of years of Marvel continuity, and those of us who are well verse, can’t help but be giddy by each page. Aso, for newer readers, this is just a damn fine issue.

Along with this, there’s no greater incentive to pick up EVERY tie in after reading this. While I was doing that before, I can’t imagine not wanting to know more about all the characters and locations we saw here. I get that it’s a little gimmicky, but Hickman got here naturally, so there’s absolutely nothing to complain about.

I’ve talked about Ribic and my love for him before, so I’ll be brief. Ribic draws the best Mr. Sinister I’ve ever seen. I see him here, and I get horrifying, but crafty as hell, which comes all from the rendering by Ribic. As an X-men fanatic, this is a total mark out moment.

I’m gonna echo Slewo here, this is a can’t miss book. The Marvel universe is being rewritten here, and we get to go along for the ride.

5 Thors out of 5

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