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Neverwinter on X-Box One reaches 1.6 Million Players

Free means everything.

by Aitch Cee

I personally have played on and off for the past month since release and I enjoy it.  The controls are good, the graphics are decent enough to pull off and there is more than enough content to keep one busy for hours.  best of all is just because it’s free doesn’t mean that players will get bogged down with micro transactions that one would otherwise need to get through the game.


Thus it’s no surprise that Neverwinter has gotten so many players in less than 2 months.  Also according to Perfect World Entertainment, these numbers don’t include PC players.  Also, there are plans for 5 free DLCs to drop in 2015.   What does that mean with games like Elder Scrolls Online which is set to drop next month?  Will players stay with Neverwinter or move to ESO?  Also, will this affect Destiny numbers?  Time will only tell.

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