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Jem and the Holograms Movie Trailer


Ah, the 80s.  A time of big hair, outrageous makeup and music.  Jem was surely a cartoon of the 80s that showcased what the time was like.  Of course, like other cartoons of the 80s it had a toy line and it’s had a comic book that has again resurfaced.  Now, Universal Pictures will be bringing Jem up to date with 21st century sensibilities.  The plot of the films is how far will one go to become a star?  When fame takes you in who will you turn your back on?   The question for long time fans is,  will it still be outrageous?   Will fans enjoy the update or will the lights dim before it has a chance to shine?  Watch the trailer and you be the judge

Jem and the Holograms will hit theaters this fall on October 23rd 2015.  The film was written by Ryan Landels, directed by Jon M. Chu (Never Say Never) and stars Aubrey Peeples (Nashville and Sharknado) along with  co-stars Molly Ringwald and Ryan Guzman.

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