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PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewCover by: Kagan McLeod
Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Kagan McLeod
Reviewed by Slewo

Let it not be said that Chip Zdarsky can’t write something that’ll attack your funny bone full force. Everything you need to know about Kaptara is right there on the tin, it starts fast, and it doesn’t let up. The story gives every initial sci-fi exploration trope he can within the first half of the comic, but very quickly inverts and does away with that structure once the setup is complete, and the comic is all the better for it. While we’re certainly not lacking in fun sci-fi exploration trope, where Kaptara goes, especially with the kind of protagonist it chooses to focus on as opposed to the square jawed Captain Kirk or Race Bannon archetype is one of the big draws of the story.

Chip Zdarsky is every bit as fantastic a writer as an artist, but the jokes, and the sci-fi would fall flat on its face without the right artist. Thankfully though, Kagan McLeod is every bit up to the challenge, and has the right ear for humor that can unfortunately be lacking with some artists. While I’m not familiar with McLeod’s work on Infinite Kung-Fu, Kaptara has been an amazing presentation of his work. While Image definitely has plenty of sci-fi titles, Kaptara distinguishes itself by leaning hard and fast on humor and its quick to explode character dynamics

Now in a market that’s saturated with so many different comic books, along with other media it’s easy to ask “Why should I buy this?” Even if you’re not a fan of sci-fi, Kaptara is as hilarious as it comes, and you’ve got two creative people hitting it out of the park. 3.50 for a full to burst story, as opposed to 3.99 for 20 pages if you’re lucky is a very sound deal. Get this comic, the team of Zdarsky and McLeod will give you anything but a smooth ride.

5 out of 5 Super Ghost Bros II

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