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Cosplay Spotlight: Amethyst Leon

Amethyst Leon has been cosplaying for a little over two years.   If you Google Legend of Korra, most likely her picture will pop up. In a short amount of time, she has become well known for some of the best Legend of Korra Cosplay around. But it does not stop there! As a gaming enthusiast, Amethyst also can be seen at cons cosplaying Claire Redfield.  She currently works at Game Stop and is from Northern California.

You can find more picture and information about Amethyst Leon on  various social media sites:


Please list ALL of the characters cosplay often. 

1. Korra
2. Azula
3. Ruby Rose
4. Ryuko Matoi
5. Claire Redfield

Who or what inspired you to cosplay?
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and as I got older I wanted to go all out and make my own costumes. However, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and time on a costume, when I would just end up watching Horror movies at a friends house for the entire holiday. I later found out about cosplay through G4’s coverage of San Diego Comic Con, but I didn’t actually delve into cosplay until I got into comic books. What really sealed the deal was my revived love for video games, revisiting and gaining new favorite characters pushed me to cosplay seriously (as in quality/accuracy)


What do you do when you aren’t cosplaying?
Besides a day job at GameStop, I run a YouTube and Twitch channel. I also do Ballet when my budget permits!


Which character is your favorite to cosplay? 

It’s hard to say because I love them all for different reasons. I think I’d go with Azula. I tend to cosplay a lot of protagonists, so I enjoy the contrast. Posing for pictures as Azula is also a lot of fun, I’ve scared some photographers before.


How do you feel about your fame due to your Korra Cosplay? Any cool opportunities coming your way?
“Fame” is a weird word. I do feel like I got more exposure due to my Korra cosplay, though. I greatly appreciate all the kind words and encouragement I’ve received.


I haven’t had any opportunities, but the timing worked out perfectly since I started my YouTube/Twitch channel at the same time I debuted Book 4 Korra. People that enjoy my cosplays also support me in my other ventures, which I’m extremely grateful for.

What is the best advice you would give someone new to cosplaying?
Cosplay for yourself, always. At the end of the day, it’s your time, money, and your happiness. Don’t let anyone try to dictate how you should cosplay. Also, from a social standpoint, make sure you surround yourself with positive cosplayers. They are out there, and they will be there for you when you need it.


Do you get to travel the country to different conventions? or are your local to one area?

No, I mainly stay on the West Coast and go to whatever I can afford. I would love to travel to more cons though!!! I really hope I can do that in the future.


What show can fans expect to see you at next?
I’ll be at Fanime, Anime Expo, San Diego Comic-Con, and Dragon*con next!

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 Photo credits: Josh Valentine, York in a Box, Harrison’s Anime Photography, Joits Photography,Coslife

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