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A Tribute to Herb Trimpe

…one of the best there ever was.

One of my earliest memories of getting anything by Herb Trimpe was my very first Uncanny X-men comic book. It was issue 173 and at 13 years old all I could say was that this cover was awesome. This was my first time being exposed to Wolverine.   I had no idea then that Wolverine’s popularity would explode but all I knew was I had to have this book. Although Mr. Trimpe didn’t do the cover, I was drawn to Wolverine and this comic by the sense of urgency I got while looking at it. It’s really hard to put into words how awesome this cover was but that’s when I really discovered X-men. It was some time later that I discovered who created him and by then Wolverine was already establishing himself as one of the baddest characters in Marvel that you didn’t want to mess with.

I kept that comic and wound up getting a fresher one signed many years later by Herb Trimpe.   As a fan, I was excited when I heard he was making an appearance at AwesomeCon back in 2013. I had a chance to meet him and his wife and they were both such wonderful people to talk to. It’s not often you get to meet creators of any thing any more so this was just a great opportunity to do so.  Just hanging around his table watching him work was awe inspiring.   I was thankful that he took the time and patience to sign my books and figures even after I came back a 2nd day with MORE stuff which hangs on my wall to this day.

It’s really hard to imagine back then that one of his creations would go on to be one the most popular and iconic Marvel characters today and it really hurts to know that he passed, as posted by Glen Baisley:

“This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing my cousin, Herb Trimpe, in action doing what he loved – meeting fans and drawing comics. I was there capturing video and interviews about his life and work with Marvel for a documentary that we were planning to work on.

Little did I know, this would be the final time I would get to see him. I wanted to share some very sad news with everyone. Monday night, Herb passed away.”

One of the funniest memories I have as well as the last time I saw Mr. Trimpe, was last September at Baltimore Comic Con. Mr. Trimpe had a table right next to Charles Soule.   There was a HUGE line of people of course jockeying to get Mr. Soule’s signature on the Death of Wolverine comics that dropped and a few had sense enough to stop at Mr. Trimpe’s table. I was thinking to myself how many people passed up getting Mr. Trimpe’s signature because some were too young to remember that he was one of the creators of Wolverine and was more pressed to get Mr. Soule’s signature because it was ‘that hot book’ of the moment.   I made sure that I got my comics signed by and grabbed a picture of them both: The Alpha and Omega of Wolverine.


Mr. Trimpe, you were a really nice gentleman, a joy to meet and speak to, and thanks again for giving us such an iconic character. As a fan, I am glad to have met you and sorry to hear that you are gone.

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