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The PCU Inquisition: Cullen Bunn

by John Amenta

Cullen Bunn is a busy man. Besides writing his fan favorite Oni Press series The Sixth Gun, and his miniseries from Dynamite Masks 2 (reviewed here), Bunn manages to squeeze in time to write his prose novel series for Young Adults, Crooked Hills. Oh, and if I forgot to mention, he also writes for the Big Two, helming Sinestro for DC, and Magneto for Marvel, amongst other books as well.

If your wondering why Mr. Bunn’s full schedule is so important, it’s because in all of that time spent writing and promoting material at conventions, not to mention being a husband and father, Cullen took some time to answer ten questions from Pop Culture Uncovered!


Pop Culture Uncovered- 1. First and most important question. How are you doing? 

Cullen Bunn- I’m doing well, thanks for asking! A little busy right now. It seems like there’s a convention to attend every weekend. I love attending shows and meeting fans, but those shows mean I have to work doubly or triply hard to keep script pages turned in.
PCU- 2. Masks 2 features many iconic pulp heroes, did you have a strong connection with any of the characters as a fan before writing them?
CB- I have fond memories of my dad telling me stories of The Shadow when I was a kid. He even did the laugh. In many ways, the Shadow might have been my introduction to super heroes in general. I also found some Peter Cannon comics at a yard sale one time, and I loved them, probably because he was a completely new hero for me.
PCU-  3. You write Magneto for Marvel and Sinestro for DC. Are bad guys more fun to write?
CB- In general, I think villains are more fun to work with. Villains can surprise you with their actions in ways heroes cannot. Also, I just enjoy writing characters who are total jerks.
PCU-  4. What was the first comic you can remember reading? 
CB- One of the earliest I vividly remember was Avengers #154, where the Avengers locked horns with Attuma and Tyrek. At the time, I was getting my comics from grocery store spinner racks and yard sales, so it was some time before I read the follow-up issue. I remember being horrified by the issue, thinking that Tyrek had killed all of the Avengers over the course of the issue.
PCU- 5. Any 1 comic company gives you the keys to any of their properties. What do you choose to write and why? 
CB- It depends on the company, of course. For DC, it would be Swamp Thing, hands down. For Marvel, it would be Hellstrom, Man-Thing, or Dr. Druid.
PCU- 6. Who is on your dream artist collaboration list right now?
CB- Come on! That’s too tough to answer! The list is pretty long. Bernie Wrightson, Alan Davis, Chris Samnee, Jason Latour, Kyle Strahm, Nathan Fox… those are all names that would be on the list, but that’s just off the top of my head.
PCU- 7. What was the last great movie you watched?
CB- I recently watched John Wick, and I really loved it. Not only did it feature some great Gun-Fu, it developed this great mythology around the world of underworld assassins.
PCU- 8. Star Wars, or Star Trek? 
CB- I’ve always been a Star Wars guy.
PCU- 9. What current books are blowing your mind? 
CB- Southern Bastards is my current favorite comic. I absolutely love it!
PCU- 10. Thank you for talking to us at Pop Culture Uncovered, what can readers expect from you in the near future?
CB- Thanks for taking the time! I have a number of books on the horizon. Keep an eye out for more Magneto and Moon Knight from Marvel, as well as the upcoming Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars. For DC, I’m writing Sinestro, Lobo, Aquaman, and Green Lantern: The Lost Army. On the creator-owned side of things, I have Harrow County, a southern horror fairy tale coming out with Tyler Crook from Dark Horse. I also have Hellbreak and Blood Feud from Oni Press, as well as The Sixth Gun, which is rocketing toward its conculsion with issue 50.
If readers want to keep up with me, they should follow me on Twitter @cullenbunn or visit my website at
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