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Review Brew: Convergence 1

reviewWriter: Jeff King & Scott Lobdell
Artist: Carlo Pagulayan
Inker: Jason Paz
Colorist: John Starr & Peter Streigerwald
Reviewed by: Brett Israel

DC’s time for their event has come, and with this first issue (while I know I read the 0 issue last week, it really starts here), we are off and running. This issue evoked many specific themes throughout, and the ride is looking to be fairly interesting.

The general conceit of the event is that Telos, a servant of sorts of Brainiac, is more or less calling all representatives of each multiverse to fight for their respective home. Being summed up that quickly, it took more a less an full issue to get there. While I didn’t necessarily hate the issue, not having been reading Earth 2, the characters were a little jarring for me. I am certainly interested in the overall story, as a person who loves the multiverse, the characterization felt veeeeery much like Lobdell’s Uncanny X-Men from the 90’s; very soapy and the like. It really felt like a book straight out of early 90’s DC, and I’d be curious to know if Jeff King merely plotted or not, as it felt so much like Lobdell’s work. All this said, I definitely will be back for issue 2.

Even with the flaws, this had a classic DC event feel. The stakes are high, multiverses hang in the balance, and it really feels like the first giant project for DC since Flashpoint. This style of story is quintessential DC, and it’s nice to get that feeling back, which has been lacking since we entered the new 52. The double page spreads being most of the issue was a nice touch, giving a nice huge feel to the book. I spent a lot of this book getting a Crisis on Infinite Earth’s feel, really making me excited for the rest of the event. Hopefully we get an Anti Monitor appearance.

Carlo Pagulayan’s art was solid on this issue, laying out interesting double page spreads but still being very clear. The classic superhero style fits the book well, and while it’s not shattering new ground, I never felt offended by the art, and in a few of the double page spreads showing the various multiverse’s, a lot of places felt Coipel-ish, which I loved. In a few places there were also panels that felt Jurgens inspired, which I think lent itself to that classic style. Overall, I was pretty happy with it, and after not loving the art on the last DC event, this was refreshing.

While not the strongest of starts, definitely not gonna turn me away. As a person who usually enjoys events like this, I’m onboard, and hopefully the story will updated in dialogue a little.

3 Supermen out of 5

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