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Review Brew: Uncanny Inhumans #0

Writer: Charles Soule, Ryan Stegman
Artist: Steve McNiven, Ryan Lee
Color Artist: Justin Ponsor, James Campbell
Reviewer: Ray Willis

All Hail the returning Conqueror

Blackbolt has not been seen much in the Inhumans except being used by Maximus and returning back to New Attilan at the end of Inhumans #11 and leave in the next issue after speaking with Medusa. What has the man with earth shattering voice been doing since then?

Charles Soule and Steve McNiven brings us a new Inhuman story with the focal point focused on the character of Blackagar Boltagon or Blackbolt and what he has been doing since we last saw him. The story is broken down into two stories with Charles Soule and Steve McNiven doing the main story while Ryan Stegman and Ryan Lee focusing on a small story featuring Inhumans Iso and Flint.

Soule does a great job of showing how good Blackbolt is and how far he would go for his fellow Inhumans. Saving a few from people selling Inhumans to Ennilux which he stopped immediately but does get a little exposure of the terrigen mist. Blackbolt goes to Medusa but there’s more to the story than that which leads him to meet “Kang The Conqueror,” who I thought was dead after Uncanny Avengers. He is a time traveler after all so he could be in other places, but Kang holds something dear to Blackbolt, which has him making a hard decision. Soule really gives some depth to Blackbolt, who does not speak but let others speak for him most of the time. He is a man that cares for his people even though he is not the leader of his people anymore.

The next story is by the artist of the main “Inhuman” book, Ryan Stegman. The story itself is pretty light hearted compared to the main story in this issue with Iso and Flint opening a portal which unleashes a monster through but before that, they discuss the appearances of each other. Flint wonders where did Iso’s facial markings go but due to her powers, the marks light up compared to Flint’s rocks, which are on his face. I can relate to Flint because I had some really bad acne back in high school and I wanted it gone but I didn’t have the luxury of powers like Flint to do so. This was a nice story Stegman wrote that some can relate to and a little romance thrown in as well.

The art by Steve McNiven flows really well with the story at hand. He definitely put his all into this book and makes the characters look really well especially Black Bolt, Medusa, and Kang. Seeing close up shots of Blackbolt’s face in agony and rage, then go back to his stoic look is great. The action is fast and fluid with Blackbolt showing what his hand to hand skills are like. Also seeing him unleash his sonic scream was done well. The coloring by Justin Ponsor is really good and makes the issue shine. The art by Ryan Lee is different compared to the main story but it’s serviceable and the characters look good as well. The monster looks pretty interesting considering it looks like an evil tree with horns with spores opening on the side. I don’t have any complaints with it. James Campbell’s coloring for the story is really good.

Charles Soule gives us an interesting tale about the former king of the Inhumans. Having him him go on a quest to find a person that he holds dear to send them off with Kang is a hard thing to do. Steve McNivens art did a great job showing Blackbolts actions and interactions between the characters since the character doesn’t really that much. Justin Ponsors coloring is great and really makes the story shine. Ryan Stegman does a great job of exploring more of the Inhumans with Iso and Flint and create a nice little story for them. Ryan Lee’s art coupled with  James Campbells colors bring this short story together. I really enjoyed this issue minus the $4.99 price tag but if you’re interested in seeing more Blackbolt or reappearance of Kang or Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, pick up this title. Blackbolt may be a man of a few words but his actions speak louder for him.

5 out of 5 Sonic Screams

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