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Predictions for Wrestlemania XXXI

Wrestlemania XXXI is less than 3 days away.  Who do you predict will win the big matches?  We asked 3 fans to give us their predictions and this is what we got:


Harry C.

Prediction #1- Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan:
Intercontinental Championship on the line. While I’m a huge fan of Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan, I feel like R-Truth is the winning man. He’s never had a moment to shine, unlike Ambrose and Bryan. Luke Harper isn’t a big enough card, nor does he carry enough star potential, yet. But at the end of the match, R-Truth will be wearing the belt. WHAT’S UP!


Prediction #2 –  Brock Lesner vs Roman Reigns:
Roman Reigns defeats Lesnar after a rough, gruesome match. I feel the match will be a real slobberknocker. The match will be brutal enough to have good old Jim Ross watching his television screaming “Baw Gawl! Somebody stop the match!” After Reigns finally does pin Lesnar, more than likely after several Superman Punches, he will be crowned victorious, only to have Mr. Money in the Bank’s music chime in, as he cashes in. He will then go on to fight a worn out Roman Reigns, only to fail a Curb Stomp, and allow Reigns to win with a Superman Punch.

Prediction #3 –  Divas title match:
The Bella Twins will fight well, but ultimately get defeated by AJ Lee and Paige. I feel that during the match, however, AJ and Paige will have several fights, and create a huge rift between them. There may possibly be a “Pinning” battle between the two, depending on the match type. In the end, I feel AJ and Paige will split ways, and end up fighting each other.

Back to you, Mean Gene.

Jason T.

Prediction #1 – Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt
I’m expecting a compete upset on this one. Look for a ton of mind games on both sides but with Taker still reeling from his loss to Brock last year we MIGHT see Bray actually use Brock’s music to distract Taker while he slips in the win.

 Prediction # 2- John Cena vs. Rusev
Rusev is still on a roll and is carrying nothing but hot fire momentum into WrestleMania. Cena on the other hand is coming into the event with something to prove. This will be a high impact match full of power and plenty of action. Both competitors will stun the crowd as they reverse and kick out of each other’s finishers multiple times but at the end just as Cena is about to pull it out expect Lana to distract the ref in order for Rusev to grab the victory by a three count after knocking Cena out with that massive Rusev kick. I’m also expecting to see an increase in fans wearing Putin masks.

 Prediction #3  – Brock Lesner  vs. Roman Reigns
I’m sorry to disappoint everyone who’s hopeful for a change in the WWE World Championship structure. Brock is going to walk in and completely slaughter Roman for the duration of the match. Roman will get an eventual offensive moment that will make the crowd believe Roman can pull it out causing the fans to stand on their feet. My prediction is Brock will catch Roman in a superman punch attempt from the top rope into an F-5 reversal for the 1……2……3!

Seth will come out to the ramp with the money in the bank BUT he won’t cash in. Expect a cash in on RAW or the the next WWE PPV.


Brett. I

Prediction #1 – Intercontinental Title Ladder match

The 7 man ladder match for the IC title will absolutely steal the show. A ladder match with ANY of these two guys would be my prediction for top match, but all these guys? Come on! I haven’t been this excited for a match at mania since I got to see Punk v. Taker live. If I had to pick a winner… well I can’t. The only logical guys would be Barrett retaining or Ziggler. If they want to give the mid-card titles a push, and if they plan to give Cena the title (it’s comin!), D Bry could be a destination, just to put the IC title on the map.

Prediction #2 – John Cena vs. Rusev

Cena wins the US title. I know, not groundbreaking, but he’s the WWE Superman! Also, I’m not sure if this’ll happen in the match or before/after, but we gotta hear that guitar riff and…. “WHEN IT COMES CRASHIN DOWN AND IT HURTS INSIIIIDE”. Hogan comes down, hits Rusev with the boot and the leg, and America wins!

Prediction #3 – Brock Lesner  vs. Roman Reigns

Lesnar is losing the belt tonight, but not to Reigns. In my ideal world, Lesnar would DEMOLISH Reigns a la Summerslam (nothing against Roman, but Lesnar has to be untouchable). In some kind of screw job, Lesnar needs to get double teamed or hit with weapons, and Rollins comes out and cashes in, and wins. This builds the inevitable Shield triple threat for the title in the future (I predict Summerslam this year), and it allows WWE to continue to work on Roman, who just needs a little more tweaking to be the top guy.

But…what about HHH vs Sting?

Jason Says…

This is one that fans have been waiting decades to see. Expect a slow build up full of classic back and forth taunts and old school punches. There should be a test of strength and other fan favorites to keep the match exciting but at the end Sting will top the classic match out by a win with the Scorpion Deathlock.

Aitch Says…

I agree…decades to see.  Back in the 90’s both HHH and Sting were the face of their organizations.  At least Sting was until Goldberg came along.   This isn’t about HHH vs. Sting as much as it’s WCW vs WWF.  This is as big of a match as Sting’s match against Hulk and the NWO Starcade match was.   And I say Sting walks away with the win and cleanly.

Brett Says…

Sting wins, absolutely no way they make his one wrestlemania moment a loss to HHH. Also, the idea that Vince is still spiteful toward WCW for the war is invalid. He hired Bischoff! Sting wins.

Harry Says…

Sting wins. Because Sting.

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