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PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewCover by: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Reviewed by Slewo

So here we are, Spider-Verse is over and we’re left with what happens next. While at first blush this would typically be the breather issue, we’re immediately left to reflect upon the personal stakes for everyone involved. While the story has been told as a large multiverse story with as many Spider-Men as possible squeezed in, there’s been no shortage of personal stakes to every character involved. Whether that’s Peter Parker,  longtime fan-favorites like Mayday Parker, or even characters as obscure as Spider-Man India. Everyone got a celebration in this story.  And at the end, most of the major players receive a new status quo, which should give a lot of hope for anyone worrying these characters would return to obscurity.

All throughout this story Slott has defied the trend of big bloated events. While this has been a reality-bending crossover, the characters have first and foremost received the best treatment, and no character has been used casually. Every character that appears has purpose, and it’s clear from the attention given to each character’s personality that Slott and company care about the individual characters as much as we do.

Giuseppe Camuncoli has what’s arguably the hardest job of all: following up on a story that was mainly drawn and defined by Oliver Copiel.  In that respect Camuncoli does that job and more showing the aftermath of the big finale, as well as continually differentiating the different Spider-Men. Between Peter, Miguel, Miles, and Otto it’d be easy to get confused in the flurry of costumes and body types, but Camuncoli more than lives up to the challenge and makes sense of the chaotic events within the issue.

While the issue wraps up the events of Spider-Verse in a great way, it also does its job to setup the next arc of Amazing Spider-Man before Secret Wars, as well as the upcoming Spider-Verse tie-in. While none of this detracts from the comic, it underscores the most important point, if you have love for any Spider-Man character jump on over, this arc has been a big love letter to Spider-Man fans everywhere. And while the scale may be big, as always the underlying theme will always be the shared power and responsibility that comes from being Spider-Man. Ever since the relaunch, I was hard-pressed to believe I’d wanna part with the Superior Spider-Man, but as Slott has shown: there will always be room for Peter Parker and every other Spider-Man that will ever come around afterward.

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