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Review Brew: She Hulk #12

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PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewWriter: Charles Soule
Artist: Javier Pulido
Colorist: Muntsa Vicente

Reviewed by: Brett Israel


What a ride this run was. The Soule/Pulido comic came out of nowhere, blew us away, and left quickly, without us barely getting a chance to fully come to terms with it’s greatness. One of the most unique books in the Marvel line, She Hulk established a strong, female protagonist in not only the superhero realm, but also a legal themed book which didn’t bore at any moment. With this weeks issue, we sadly have to say goodbye.

This series is the story of Jennifer Walters a.k.a She Hulk, relocating her career as a lawyer to her own practice, and her struggle within that. The banter and quiet moments blended perfectly, so every issue was a ton of fun. A mystery arises about midway through the series around a mysterious “blue file” and this final issue brings it all together. That being said, this isn’t the jumping on point, go grab issue 1 and read the whole thing.

Soule’s characterization of Jen is refreshing and fun. She’s a strong symbol of a professional working woman. She may be the best lawyer in the Marvel U (Bring it Murdock!), and handles the superhero life on top of that. Overall, Jen is just a beautiful person inside and out, and incredibly endearing to the reader. To be honest, I would hand this to ANYONE as an example of comic mastery in character work. The supporting cast, from her paralegal Angie Huang and her buddy Hei-Hei to Patsy Walker Hellcat, these characters are unique and fun, playing off each other like the best supporting casts do. The only complaint is the speed at which the story came to an end, but I still enjoyed every second.

Pulido exploded in this book, in the best way possible. Each panel from him is a treat, really building and establishing the world of this book, with a clean but incredibly powerful line. From the same school as Paulo Rivera, Darwyn Cooke and the like, Pulido knows how to not only render with the best of them, but also layout the page in the best way possible. Every page is just a breath of fresh air, whether it be talking heads in court, or new layouts in fight scenes. In this issue specifically, Pulido stuck the landing, the larger fight sequence was fun for just seeing what each page will bring, proving how some seemingly simple panels are significantly more effective than hyper detailed ones. Also, the color work by Vicente here, and the color in the whole series, is incredibly fun and skilled. The bold, nearly flat colors really give the book a narrative that not all titles get.

Go out and buy this series. I can nearly guarantee that you’ll love it, and if you don’t, it’s just a fun new type of book from Marvel. While the ending could have had a little fleshing out, on the whole it was such a fun ride. I just wish it didn’t have to end now.

4.5 casefiles out of 5


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