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Review Brew: All-New Captain America – Fear Him #2

“Fear Him!!”

PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewWriters- Dennis Hopeless, Rick Remender
Artist- Szymon Kudranski
Reviewed By- John Amenta

Mini series can either be a wonderful surprise, or a quick way to dump off stories that wouldn’t fit into the main title’s continuity. This particular story is a printed version of an Infinite comic, which is Marvel’s line that is available online only at first. Unfortunately it does not fit the wonderful surprise category, but can be considered important to continuity, as the events covered constitute Sam Wilson’s first mission as Captain America.

The story follows Sam, the new Cap as he teams with the new Nomad, Ian, who happens to be Steve Rogers adopted son.At the end of the first issue, both were separated and in the sewers, fending off Z level villain Scarecrow( no, not that one, the Marvel one). Sam and Ian have separately discovered groups of kids living underground, who have been avoiding Scarecrow and his flock of crows. The kids give help to the heroes as they try to find each other and avoid getting gassed with the Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Yes, fear toxin.

This story is built to show growth in the two heroes in their new roles. Sam, as he tries to get used to being considered the cream of the crop, and Ian who needs to learn to listen to more experienced voices and not be so willing to jump into action without thinking. Unless this mini turns it around in the last couple of issues, these character development angles could have worked as a subplot in the main book much easier. The art by Szymon Kudranski is good, but at no point was anything truly standout.

Call me jaded, but a weekly mini series at $3.99 has to offer more than this book does. I would have happily read this as a story arc of the main Cap series, even if it was a bit boring. To release a months old Internet story in print reeks of a cash grab. I would be mad at Marvel, if I wasn’t already mad at the completionist in me for buying it.

2 Yawns of 5



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