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The Review Brew: The United States of Murder Inc. #6

There’s nothing like reading Brian Bendis when he’s writing in his element: crime drama. The United States of Murder Inc., thus far, has been a compelling piece of alternative history that takes you through a sort of socioeconomic post-apocalypse, a future vision where the bad guys won and the country just sort of learned to deal.

As Bendis closes the book on Vol. 1, we get a little more flashback styled insight into the full extent of the government’s compromise with the mob. Meanwhile, Valentine and Jagger come to the end of their flight from the mystery villains out to frame them for upsetting the balance of things. The resolution feels like it came sort of abruptly and maybe a little too easily but it makes perfect sense considering there’s a whole other volume on the way. Besides, Bendis is so effective in his execution here, it’s a forgivable sin. And Michael Avon Oeming was at the top of his game to a point where it was worth waiting so long on this issue. He’s starting to suffer from Frank Quitely Disease in that regard. His panels just deliver tension and tell the story so seamlessly, he’s hard to fault.

Bottom Line: It took long enough to get here, but Bendis/Oeming’s big finale to Vol. 1 was good enough that I’m not offended. 8.5 out of 10

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