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Review Brew: American Vampire Second Cycle #6

PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewWriter: Scott Snyder
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
Colors: Dave McCaig
Reviewer: Ray Willis

On the run from The Gray Trader Pearl, Skinner, and Cal find themselves an old VMS(Vassals of the Morning Star) base will it hold the answers they are looking for?

I have been loving American Vampire Second Cycle and what’s going on with The Gray Trader. There’s so much mystery that surrounds this person that our ragtag group of vampires are looking into who he is. This issue does answer what we want to know about who he is and its actually an interesting one. Scott Snyder really does a great job of unfolding this to us and tells us that the Gray Trader is not alone but the protector of something that is truly ancient which is also revealed somewhat. The situation is dire and that some of the vassals may in fact be traitors but you will have to read if you want to know who is the traitors on the team. Tying in the space program “Sputnik” and John F. Kennedy dealing with the beast, brings more to the table of how they were trying to maintain the secret as well as the containment of it.

Rafael Albuquerque knocks it out of the park with his art in every issue. The faces of the characters and line work is nice but some faces do look a little plain. Dave McCaig’s colors are really good and flows with Rafael Albuquerque’s artwork. Bringing out the characters and highlighting those lovely eyes of the characters. Also the opening pages were awesome with vampire monkeys which was really awesome.

Overall this was a good issues of American Vampire and I can’t wait to see what comes next. The story by Scott Snyder is really good and the artwork from Rafael Albuquerque are really great to see. Some of the characters faces are a not as detailed but that doesn’t take away from the great story and art. Colors from Dave McCaig are really great meshing well with Albuquerque’s work.  I’m actually curious as to how everything is going to unfold in the end when they face the the beast.

5 out of 5 Vampire Monkeys



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